This is the place of birth, fertility and creativity. It is the seat of your soul’s purpose in life. 
To be aligned here means that you have a free flow of creativity and abundance both within you and all around you.
It is a vibrant orange glow deep in the lower abdomen. 
When you are out of alignment here, when the energy is stuck you can feel crampy and contracted. You can experience distention. This is such helpful biological information. Your body will try to find a way to physically balance itself so it creates these symptoms. Think about it. 
You have a soul’s purpose. A reason to be here and a deep need to express your unique gifts to the planet. But perhaps you are scared. Perhaps you are hiding because you are afraid of what other’s might think. Or that you will fail. Or that you will succeed. What ever the reason you have decided to keep that creative force directly from your spirit locked away unexpressed. Your body wants to birth the idea so you contract much like labor pains. 
It can be incredibly unsettling. You can also experience this as a deeply anxious feeling. Since this is tied to your soul’s purpose it can rock your world quite literally when you are off. The energy here is so powerful and there are many ways to clear and circulate it again.
In addition to the physical body you may also notice a block in abundance flowing to you. This could be in the form of money as this is related to how much value you share and a reflection too of your own self worth. You may be experiencing frustration around your financial state.
Here are a few simple ways to get some relief from the pressure building inside you. To start to move that energy in alignment with expressing your gifts from your soul and sharing in the abundance. 

So now is a wonderful time to go inward and explore that force inside you. Abundance is not just about attracting all that is outside of you but also the abundance within. 

1-This is a playful chakra. Creativity, birthing ideas and humans. Fertility. It is fun and pleasurable So lightening up is a great way to start circulating the energy. Laughter physically releases contraction around the abdomen. It also helps you to secrete chemicals that calm and relax you. You cannot be belly laughing and panicked at the same time. It’s physically impossible.

2-Look at your breath. As you exhale you are giving off an energetic signature unique to only you. You mark the planet every time with your breath. It is yours to give and no-one else can give that same breath. That is powerful. So as you inhale and receive the abundance that is all around, focus your attention on the exhale as you give and feel your essence.

3-Play the “what if” game. We always tend to go right to the catastrophes and play out every possible worst case scenario possible. Here is the irony of that whole game…we cannot predict the future either way. That means that all possibilities exist. Furthermore what we think about we attract. The part of your brain responsible for evidence seeking (called the reticular activating system) will go to work finding proof in the external world that the thought you are are thinking is in fact true. That is extremely powerful! So why not harness that power in your favor and explore the “what ifs” that work in your favor. Let your mind go to work to prove that magical possibilities are real! 
What if you shared your soul purpose with the world?
What if you had your soul purpose as your line of work?
What if you know your soul’s purpose?

You can say, “I am vibrant. I am unique.”

4-Below is a list of foods that nourish the sacral chakra.
Sacral Chakra foods.
Sweet Potatoes
Butternut Squash

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