While copper is being used in several applications, it has been for many decades. Its use has always been more prominent in other fields than those that are used as sinks and antique farmer sinks in homes and commercial buildings. Recently, this aesthetically attractive metal has become the latest fashion in the home improvement segment. The rich and glorious color appeal of a copper sink has become an exquisite alternative to conventional stainless steel or porcelain varieties. Not only do copper sinks add a touch of dynamism to your kitchen or bathroom, but they also improve the ornamental value of your home.

1. A complete arrangement

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, or trying to improve these areas with minimal changes in general, a magnificent copper sink should do the trick. However, copper as a metal has its share of benefits and disadvantages, and it is imperative that you consider both sides of the coin before spending your hard earned money on buying a faireclay sink. After all, you don’t want to make a light choice, just by considering how impressive the copper sink looks in the store!

2. Health

According to the EPA and the Copper Development Association, antibacterial copper surfaces should not be waxed, painted, lacquered, varnished, or coated in any other way. The cleaning routine to remove dirt and grime is necessary for good sanitation, and to ensure that the antibacterial performance of an antimicrobial copper alloy surface is effective.

If you are tired of the effort to clean up according to the EPA, don’t be, they seem to be right in this case. In addition, regular cleaning agents that are used to clean conventional surfaces also work well in copper sinks; You need to select a suitable cleaning agent depending on the type of dirt present and the necessary sanitation standard.

3. Advantages of copper sinks

When it comes to glamor and good looks, copper sinks are eternally seductive. However, that is not the only factor in the favor of copper. There are many other benefits that you can enjoy with the installation of an elegant copper sink in your kitchen.

Copper sinks are the most popular for their aesthetic beauty. Copper sinks transpire a distinctive style that is sure to make your kitchen or bathroom look more optimistic and fresh. Often, a copper sink is created from a single blade, hammered and exposed to water and air to form a patina. This gives a deep and enriched tone with copper, which is desired by a large number of customers. In case you prefer the original copper color, you can simply purchase it coated to preserve that color.

One of the best features of copper sinks is that they are available in a variety of styles, offering a wide range of options for people to choose the one they like. According to your taste, you can choose copper sinks with a smooth or hammered finish. And if you prefer exclusivity, there are copper sinks with artistic designs. However, there is also a collection of different copper tones available. You can also have one made with your design so that it coordinates with your decoration.

Another advantage of copper sinks is that they do not corrode or oxidize due to frequent use or time. The anti-oxidation property of copper makes it an ideal choice for any sink.

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4. Disadvantages of copper sinks

Copper sinks have certain disadvantages, which must be examined in order to make an informed decision.

One of the main problems with copper sinks is that their reactivity is very high, which causes the metal to darken over time. Copper sinks also easily stain. On the other hand, the copper sink patina can be damaged due to acidic liquids such as orange or lemon juice, and even toothpaste. A hot utensil or abrasive cleaners can also cause damage to the smooth or hammered finish of copper sinks.

Smaller caliber models can be easily deformed and dented, requiring repair or replacement in a short space of time, which can be expensive.

Copper sinks are more expensive than traditional sinks such as stainless steel, porcelain, or ceramic sinks.

Buying a copper sink can be exciting. There are endless options in shapes, designs and finishes. If you have decided that a copper sink should be in your kitchen or bathroom, talk to an expert in Counter Cultures. A copper sink can be custom-made or you can choose one of the many unique designs on the exhibition floor at Counter Cultures. Your kitchen and bathroom can simply shine even more than they do now!