Health is a great blessing by Allah Almighty. He glorifies the creature with much. All the creatures in the world created by him. A man a complex creature, is highly adored, when recovers from illness feels by heart  his benediction/blessing. No one can ever realize it as a glory in a usual life and ever going life.The maintiness of health and fitness helps a person to be in the general state of health and well being. It provides the ability to perform work actively without being tired. However the fitness requires balance diet and daily exercise.

“Health is like money we never have a true idea until we lose it”

 No one ever consider it as glory even seeing a disable but can only be  felt when he himself get the target of an ailment. Being an ill ,sick, disabled , cancerous the one can feel from the depth of heart the importance of health, the eager to recover , the desire to be hearty, .the eagerness to fly like a butterfly, to run like a tiger, to jump like a kangaroo  the great feeling an feeble man can only feel.

“If you think wellness is expensive….then try illness.”

Unhealthy does not only mean missing of body parts, de functioning of the organ but also the mind disturbance and negative set of mind. Healthy living is possible exercise daily, feel good, think positive and eat better.

“A healthy outside, starts from inside”

Just focus the pin point, emerging of a new teeth, for an infant baby is the great enchantment for the entire family, but for this little change he has to be unhealthy, that emerging of a new white stone, a blessing to crush the food, a new hope to taste something new, he has to go through the difficult era to enter the new world of new taste. Coming of a new born in a life, a hope of shining the other has to lose the health, a women lead to the lousiness and cruddiness. just to make the family happy, satisfied healthy and contented. Just ponder on the innocent, infant new bud to enter the world the women loses beauty, the pain she bears, ranges much than a men can bear just to make her family happy and healthy. Sometimes to go through decrepit,  to make the family healthy. This clearly proves the importance of health and healthy environment. Disturbance of a single grain on the tongue is a cause of great disturbance.

“For everything new gains, loose is necessary”.

Heath is wealth is a common quote, but there is link between the two. Health and wealth creates the cycle. Be hearty, healthy and lively, to earn ,  to work .A man works day and night just for the sake of wealth. The same wealth the one has to spend for his health. Just earning and working day and night is not the all but care for the health is also a mandatory. So don’t spend your all health in the search of wealth. Keeping one side you cycle stops. Balance between the both is an essential part to carry the safe and sound cycle.

“So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and Then have to spend their wealth to regain their health”

A man is never happy the glory he owned he always has the desire what others own. Poor fancy for the wealth by seeing the lush lifestyle, but that wealthy man seeks for the peaceful life in return  can lose money. The more wealthy,  the one is, the more problematic, disturbing  life he is in. poor child seek for the car a millionaire owned but unaware the leg which he does not own .imbalance walk.So man must always be grateful to be consecrated. Poor’s intention to the shinning black shoes but unaware of the foot that he shoes keeper don’t have.

              “It costs money to stay healthy but it’s more expensive to get sick”                                              

A little factor to configure the right mind is is exclusive. A little from the story a teacher was daily accused of being pale and ill on contrary, he has perfect health. Daily reminding of being off colour , the time comes he has mind of being ailed and at last failed from his life. The more you get stuck, the nods it will become.                    “Calm mind brings the inner strength and self   Confidence so, that is very   important for health”

There are many factors which lead to the fester for the health. Dieting, no exercise negative thinking, jealousy, angriness, mind disturbance and especially environment. Early ripening of the fruit, impure food, contaminated water, air etc.

“Your diet is a bank account, good food choices are good investments”

Light is an essential feature for active and fresh. Studies have shown that employers are happier, healthier and more productive when they work in an environment in which temperatures are carefully controlled. New buildings may be designed with these studies in mind, but many older buildings were not, resulting in spaces that often depend primarily on artificial lightening. While employers may balk at the expense of reconfiguring such buildings to increase the amount of natural light, the investment has been shown to be well worth in the long run for the employees and the employers.

                                       “What alight is to the eyes

                                          What air is to the lungs

                                      What a love is to the heart

                                           Liberty is to the soul”

For one thing the exposure to the natural light has a significant impact on employee’s health. A study conducted in 2013 north western university in Chicago showed inadequate natural light could result in eye strain, headaches, fatigue, as well as interference with the body’s carcadians rhythms. Circardian rthymx, which are controlled by the bodies biological clocks, influence body temperature, hormone release, cycle of sleep and wakefulness, and  other bodily functions. Disruptions of cardiac rhythms have been linked to sleep disorders, diabetes, depression and bipolar disorder.

                        “An unhealthy body can never enjoy happiness”.

Like any other health problems, these ailments can increase employee absenteeism, which in returns costly for employers, Employees who feel less than 100% and are sleep deprived are also less prone to work to their maximal productivity. One company in California gained a huge boost in its employee’s morale when it moved from an artificially lit distribution facility to one with the natural illumination. Artificial light sources are also costly from producing workers’ productivity. They typically constitute anywhere from 25% to 50% of building’s energy use. When a plant in settle, Washington, was redesigned for more natural light, the company was able to enjoy annual electricity and employer’s activeness results.

A little back, a story about a boy quoted. A boy came across the book of disease. Considering himself to be suffering from the all the diseases by coming across the symptoms of those diseases. He found a hospital in himself, feels liver pill circular. He discover the all the symptoms in himself. According to him he feels typhoid fever, letting himself know the symptoms. Turned up ST Vitus Dance, as expected, he got it. Bright disease was revealed to find, Cholera Diphtheria. He plodded conscientiously through twenty six letters and the one malady he could conclude that house maid’s knee, he could not find. He pondered the thought upon an interesting case it must be from the medical point of view, Students would have no need to walk to the hospital if they had him. He walked to the medical man ditched hold of his wrist then hit him hard over the chest, a cowardly thing to do. The man billed him from side of his head and wrote the prescription; simply to follow than to indulge in;

                           “1 lb. beef steak, every six month

                                  Ten mile walks every morning

Bed at 11 sharp every night.   And don’t stuff your head with the things you don’t understand”

Little from the history, Quid worked day and night just to give rise to the new independent state. He did not take in account of his health and worked with a no leaps and bounds and fall short of his life.

Health is not important just according to the science but according to the religious point of view as well. For an instance presume GETTING UP EARLY IN THE MORNING is IMPORATNT??

                                                            Scientifically after the rise of sun the dangerous rays come out from the earth which causes  great bad damaging effects on the mind. Harmful rays attacked the mind for those who still sleep late in the morning. So waking up early in the morning is an obligatory.

“Religion spirituality influence health in different but complementary ways”

Praying, a distinction between the Muslim and non- Muslim. One can be astonished to see the benefits scientifically. According to science it is discovered that a exercise, bending, genuflect daily five times a day defend from the prevailing of ailment. In the similar way reciting of Quran can save one from the cancer, heart diseases. Now in the foreign countries just for the treatment of patients surah-e- Rahman is recited.100% results in recovering occurs.

Walk after the meal is essential. According to the religion as well as science.

“Walking is the best possible exercise  habituate yourself to walk very far”

So simply conforming the rules of Quran and Islam .for the good health control your diet and follow rules set by Islam.


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