The previous years have already seen a steep rise in the popularity of combining our health and mental wellbeing with our all-time favorite activity: traveling. And 2019 will not disappoint either with all of its trends to follow while planning your next trip. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these trends that are bound to mark this year when it comes to globetrotting with wellness in mind.

Nature over concrete

While exploring a huge city is sure exciting, more and more people are opting for natural escapades over concrete jungles. While it partly boils down to preference, you cannot argue that nature has a profound influence on our psyche – simply spending some time in the greenery will alleviate the accumulated stress and make you feel reconnected with your roots. In addition, nature-based traveling is so much more than simply choosing nature as your destination. It is also about learning about nature and exploring your surroundings that will give you a sense of freedom and will make you feel like you’re on an adventure. Especially for those who spend most of their time indoors, venturing out on foot and discovering hidden wonders will bring a sense of calmness in these hectic times. Consider the magical country of Iceland for your next nature immersion trip to see wonders such as huge glaciers, incredible volcanos and, of course, the spectacular aurora.

Thailand nature

Tech detox

Partly connected to the previous trend, more and more people are going for the so-called “tech detox” holidays aimed at clearing their mind of all the unopened e-mails and the negative effects of today’s overconnected world. Now there are even special retreats that focus on banishing your distracting electronic devices from your day to experience the present moment with authenticity. Such a holiday will make you realize how dependent we are on our smartphones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets, and how liberating it is to put them down for a while. It can work wonders for your sleep schedule and your overall stress levels. A good choice if you want to do a tech detox is certainly Thailand, where resorts specializing in this abound, for example, in exotic spots such as Koh Samui.

Active holidays are the best holidays

Active holidays are slowly replacing lazing around on the beach for days on end. While there is nothing wrong with using your holiday to rest and relax, once you try active holidays, you will realize how refreshed you feel after you come back from your trip infused with intense physical activity. Nowadays, there are packages offered for the so-called “tough and transformative” holidays that put an emphasis on making you sweat in order to improve your life. Even if kayaking and white water rafting are not the things for you, guided walking holidays in picturesque Australia might just do the trick. There are pack-free walks available where you won’t have to overexert yourself to have a bit of movement and a lot of fun, seeing incredible sights along the way.

Eco-tourism and conscious travel

Ecotourism is a real buzzword of the recent years and for good reasons. We need to be more conscious of the world around us, both when it comes to preserving what we have and when it comes to respecting the cultures of the places we are visiting. Your eco-escapade starts with choosing the right destination: many countries are boasting the title of “eco-friendly destination”, so you will be spoilt for choice. For instance, Costa Rica is a top eco-friendly destination for its amazing biodiversity and wildlife refuges, but also because of its eco-friendly accommodation options: it’s also up to you to do your homework about each step of your trip organization and make the right calls. From choosing a sustainable company, through the aforementioned eco-friendly accommodation and, of course, your own decisions when it comes to reducing your plastic usage and carrying reusable travel amenities as opposed to single-use ones, every step counts. Besides, according to, about half of travelers take social issues seriously and refrain from visiting a place if it is negatively impacted by it – and these numbers are only expected to grow as new generations put sustainability and consciousness high on their priority list when planning their travels.

Wellness of the body and mind

Solo travel is expected to grow in popularity further this year, with more and more people (especially women) opting to explore new places on their own in order to better connect with themselves and gain invaluable life experiences this way. With that in mind, many seek up destinations of wellness and mindfulness to get back on track. For instance, Ayurveda destinations in India are a popular choice for healing and restoring balance, while others opt for yoga resorts to rejuvenate their bodies before getting back to the daily hustle and bustle.

Saving some nerves

Probably everyone would agree that traveling can also be stressful at times. Especially when you’re trying to organize everything, an experience that was initially meant to be relaxing can turn into a nightmare. This is why a lot of people now rather opt for guided holidays to spend quality time with their loved ones without the hassle and the arguments that come with disorganization. Besides, technology is developing at a rapid pace to make traveling experiences more seamless than ever. While this is yet to see the light of day, an “AI travel agent” will make organizing trips several-fold less fussy, and you will get familiar with your destination beforehand, making your experience safer once you’re there. Just imagine what peace of mind it would give you to know that you won’t be getting lost on the streets of Venice! On the other hand, technologies such as luggage tracking, keyless rooms etc. are becoming available as we speak, sparing a lot of travelers many headaches.

While trends generally come and go, it is quite safe to say that many of these 2019 travel trends are actually going to stay for a bit longer and become the preferred styles of travel for many people. This is, of course, only a positive thing, as striving to be a better, more balanced individual while being mindful of our environment is what everyone should do.