Healthy Habits For Every Day

Living healthy has become some sort of a trend these days. People strive for a strong well being, healthy body, and they are ready to significantly change their lives to achieve that. 

If living this way is something you are looking forward to, we can recommend several handy habits to adopt for everyday use.

What to Do to Live Well

If we look around us, we will see that lots of people are pretty much concerned about the quality of their lives. Healthy eating, physical activities, excluding bad habits like smoking or drinking, all this is being practiced and applied in many people’s lives.

However, if you are at the very beginning of the all-healthy journey and feel a bit confused because of the amount of information around, try to adopt at least the basic habits that will make the desired result closer day after day.

  1. Walk daily

Walking at least several miles every day can be a good substitution for a gym, especially if you can’t find enough time for the training because of being busy at work. Calculate how many miles you need to cover to achieve the regular weight loss, and how much time it will take you to do the training. This sort of physical activity can even be done on the way to work and back home as long as the needed goal is achieved.


  1. Eat apples 

Probably, everyone knows the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. However, this is not just a common phrase! Scientists figured out that consuming from one to three fruits daily we can significantly lose weight, besides, having an apple for a snack will help us to keep the waist thin and our figures slim.

  1. Sleep properly

In the modern world, we often skip such a vitally important necessity of our body as sleep. However, it can often be the most essential component of getting lean. Those who sleep very little of neglect this need at all often have problems with losing weight even when being on diet! 

Besides, when sleeping enough every night, we allow our bodies to recover and restore the powers which allow us to be way more efficient the next day.

  1. Skip the starch

Certain cuisines are loaded with corns of all kinds, nevertheless, the excess amount of starch they contain may lead to weight gain, heart issues, and even the development of diabetes! 

So instead of stuffing your plate with rice next time, substitute it with broccoli. Its florets help to fight cancer, diabetes, and moreover, they are low-fat!


  1. Do not multitask while eating

Many of us have a bad habit of eating in front of the TV or while working on the computer. However, no matter how busy you are, make yourself to set aside all the tasks and enjoy the food calmly and, if possible, slowly. 

Like this, you will get full faster since when we are distracted by some other activities while eating (e.g. when reading, writing, watching the video, or even playing), we miss the moment when we are not hungry anymore which leads to overconsumption and weight gain.

  1. Incorporate fresh smoothies into your breakfast

We are not talking about those prepared at the local coffee shop or a fast-food joint since these drinks are often packed with sugars. Instead, take ten minutes to blend a glass of a fresh drink yourself in the morning.

Prep the ingredients needed (e.g. cut veggies, fruits, berries, etc.) in advance so that they could be quickly tossed to the food processor whenever you want, and enjoy the healthy drink that will boost your immunity and give more energy for the upcoming day.

  1. Do planks

You probably heard that this exercise is rather complicated and even exhausting, but doing planks daily will strengthen your core really fast! So find a minute (yes, that’s enough!) every day to complete the task.

P.S. If you can’t hold it for sixty seconds, do as long as you can and repeat the exercise several times to get the total 60 sec.

  1. Add vegs to the breakfast

Having a portion of greenery and veggies in the morning will make your stomach work better during the day, besides, such addition will make the morning meal more nutritious so you will feel full longer.


  1. Consider what you drink

Do you know that we consume extra calories from the liquids, too? Sweetened soft drinks, cocktails, tea/coffee, etc, all of them add more sugars making the waist expand.

If you reduce the intake of such liquids, it will be simpler to lose weight and keep it balanced.