Since the inception of the COVID-19 outbreak, anxiety grabbed me and put me into greater dilemmas about my upcoming future studies and job opportunities. Things were difficult and sometimes troublesome as we were constantly required to keep ourselves safe.

I decided not to get lost rather opted out plans on how to prepare myself for the upcoming challenges. With the right mindset, I chose to invest my time on the things that matter. In other words, getting better with a productive routine.

But, productivity doesn’t mean you have to work more and achieve your results. It is more about focusing on important tasks first. If you can identify the important tasks in the right way, you are all set to receive the best output.

As I have already completed my undergraduate studies, I decided to build and polish new skills to adapt to the latest working trends. I started researching new opportunities and build connections with some amazing knowledge-building platforms.

I urged myself to stay positive as much as possible. Intending to achieve positivity, my journey to penning more stories arose new hopes.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.

Napoleon Hill

Here are the few steps, I started practicing to go on with my healthy habits:

  • Maintaining a fixed time to work on my skills.
  • Writing and exploring out new topics every day.
  • Building up a positive social presence through my writings.
  • Taking learning challenges and gain practical knowledge from them.
  • Reading engaging books for a refresher.
  • Taking professional skill development courses to shape up my portfolio.
  • Networking with relevant people.

The willingness to keep me productive is what I call a healthy habit during this time. I believe in the power of mental strength. The more you train it to receive good energies, the more you stay committed to your goals.

Note: Circumstances vary from person to person. It is not mandatory to stay productive. Doing things you love or enjoy can keep you focused in other ways.

So, what’s your healthy habit this quarantine?

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