Despite all the technological advancements that have been made since the turn of the century, the classic office structure remains exceptionally popular. Employees gather together to make communication easier, establish team spirit, share resources, and provide their companies with cohesive representation when clients come knocking — but it isn’t conducive to good health.

Sitting at a desk all day staring at a screen and moving only to get some coffee or grab lunch — often before eating it at that same desk — is highly detrimental to your health (both mental and physical), and society is slowly getting accustomed to this truth. Both companies and the people they employ are pushing back against this by finding ways to make office life healthier.

If you’re in that position of wondering how to establish a healthy atmosphere in an office environment, you’ve come to the right post. Let’s look at some healthy habits and self-care solutions that can greatly improve life for the average office worker:

Have standing orders for healthy food

It’s entirely normal for office workers to bring in comestibles for everyone to share, because there isn’t always a lot of time to acquire such things during the day — but most often they’re things like cakes and pies. Instead of doing this, why not have everyone contribute to healthy food stocks for the office by funding standing orders? Here are some suggested companies:

  • Graze. Offering various healthy snacks in convenient formats, Graze is one of the most popular companies in its niche for good reason.
  • Naked Nutrition. Even if you don’t have an office gym, there’s value in having a variety of healthy supplements, and Naked Nutrition has a great selection.
  • The FruitGuys. Fruit is naturally sweet and fairly healthy, so why not have fruit delivered each week? Get a customized order from The FruitGuys to keep everyone happy.

Opt for standing desks

Spending all day in a seated position isn’t good for you, but it’s uncomfortable to loom over a laptop perched on a regular desk. Switch to standing desks (ideally those that can also be lowered when useful) and you’ll have a chance to work in a way that’s much better for your back. Is it for everyone? No — but almost everyone can benefit from it sometimes.

Make good lunchtime choices

When I talk about lunchtime here, I’m not just talking about lunch itself: I’m talking about your midday break in general. It’s a crucial juncture in the day, and what you do with it will broadly affect how you work and how you feel.

For example, suppose that you committed to a brisk jog at noon: it would give you some stress-relief to look forward to during the morning, and leave you feeling significantly more energetic later on. Exercise is ideal, but you can also read for pleasure, talk to your colleagues, or simply relax. Doing anything other than stress-eating or waiting at your desk will help.

Talk about stress and anxiety

Businesses everywhere are getting significantly better at addressing matters of mental health, putting in support structures for everything from major issues to basic stresses, but that effort can only help workers willing to admit that they’re having difficulties.

Good self-care means knowing your limits, noticing it when you’re struggling to cope, and seeking assistance when it’s required. Forget the old-fashioned stigma surrounding stress and anxiety and talk to people. You’ll no doubt find that they’re happy to listen and eager to help.

Life in a modern office can be so much better than workers could have imagined years back, and not just because of advances in technology. Attitudes have changed as well, and companies understand why they need to keep their employees healthy — so the habits and solutions we’ve looked at here are definitely worth deploying.