Stress is a part of everyday life, but how you handle stress is what matters – use these tips to handle stress healthily.

From having a busy day at work to wondering how you did on that test at school, stress seems to creep up on us anytime and anywhere. No one likes to deal with stress, but because it is so hard to escape from, one must be able to handle it. It is not a good thing to live in a constant state of stress — doing so raises anxiety levels, makes us unable to cope with daily activities and hurts overall health. Here are some healthy tips on how to manage your stress levels, and more importantly, how to avoid it altogether.

Determining Priorities Relieves Mental Strain

Sometimes people need a break from remembering every small thing that needs to be done. Making a list and deciding what takes precedence reduces the stress of remembering and feeling obligated to get it all done. Whether the individual is a student, a mom, a father, a young professional, or a retiree, the need to accomplish goals and achieve finished products is the same. Knowing what’s important frees people from trying to do it all.

Anticipate Stressful Events

Anticipating a stressful event helps a person know what to expect and allows her to handle the event differently. This requires an understanding of a person’s fear and a willingness to admit what causes the anxiety. Is it really speaking in front of people or is it the thought of looking dumb? Those are two different things and have to be handled in two different ways. Practicing being calm and cool in these situations is key. Envisioning the stressful event and practicing reacting differently helps change perceptions.

Have Honest Expectations

When something does not go the way it was planned, stress often follows. When people do not act the way they should, stress usually follows. The same goes for money, careers, children, and dreams. These external circumstances cannot be controlled, but people can control their expectations of themselves in these circumstances. Having a real understanding of their own personalities, likes, dislikes, and reality can alleviate people’s need to be perfect and therefore alleviate stress.

Stress Management Through a Healthy Lifestyle

Exercising, relaxing activities, implementing your particular faith, and unstructured leisure time can all assist in managing stress. They can also make your body stronger, reduce tension, and make your heart healthier.

Take a Breather to Deal with Stress

When going through a very stressful time, sometimes the worst thing to do is continue trying to work through it. To truly handle stress healthily, take a moment to breathe. Separate yourself from the situation, whether that means going into your quiet room for a moment or just taking a quick walk. To deal with stress, often the first step that needs to be taken is to simply let yourself breathe.

Release Your Stress and Frustration

If your stress has been building up for a prolonged period of time, the best way of handling the stress may then be to vent your frustration. However, like the rest of these tips, do so in a healthy way — don’t harm yourself or anyone else. Take a few punches at the pillow, a jab at that punching bag, or best of all, go out and complete a great workout. Don’t resort to food or other unhealthy options — they are not good ways to handle stress and you may regret it in the long run. Remember, no matter how difficult things may get, “trust that your problems will pass in time.”

Reduce Stress and Have Some Fun for Yourself

Finally, the time-tested best way to handle stress is to simply take some time away from that which stresses you and have some fun. Go out for a night on the town with friends, stay home with your significant other and watch a movie, or just spend some precious time with your family. You won’t believe how even an hour or so of enjoyable free time will benefit you in handling your stress levels. 

After following these steps on how to handle and deal with stress, you will not only find yourself more stress-free, but happier and healthier as well. By finding time to relax, focusing on that pent-up tension, and letting it go, you will soon be feeling more at ease in no time. Don’t let stress “stress” you out another day — you can handle it, and keep both your health and sanity in the process.

When the Stress Comes on Strong

Remember that there are ways of handling stress. When possible, natural ways are always more beneficial because, usually, these methods are doing more than just treating stress and mental anxiety. Aerobic exercise, for instance, reduces fatigue, reduces stress, reduces anxiety, promotes mental clarity, and produces more energy. Implementing these ideas will make anyone’s life more manageable.