And just like that it’s 2019. How was your 2018? My past twelve months were filled with lessons, challenges, opportunities for growth, learning, and embracing new skills. While I like what 2018 has taught me, I look forward to taking that new knowledge and strength into 2019. Learning never stops, growth never ends and with that said, my major goals of the new year are to keep inspiring, motivating, learning, discovering and leading with love, kindness and compassion toward self and others.

As we look forward to 2019, recognise how you want the next twelve years to pan out. A new year is your time to change old habits into healthier ways of being. Embrace in self-care and distance yourself from toxic behaviours and toxic energy. Life is really that short and goes by that fast, so make the best of your time and focus on the good, speak kindly of others, and witness how quickly your world alters when leading with positivity.

People often strive for less stress, more energy, increased happiness, and healthier life choices, and while all of that is possible, it comes down to your mindset each day you wake up. Your mindset will impact your day, month and year. It’s that simple.

In the following paragraph I share some recommendations that may help one achieve their goals on a short-term basis, but with long-term effects.

  • Get involved in a local volunteer organization that you care about. Volunteering promotes life satisfaction and overall happiness.
  • Start journaling every day.
  • Read inspirational books by Brene Brown, Gabby Bernstein, Lewis Howes and Marianne Williamson.
  • Make self-care your new jam from yoga, meditation, exercising, baths, and talking to a professional.
  • Get outside more! Nature is the brains best medication.
  • Less booze, more water. Water hydrates and is a natural stress reliever. Booze dehydrates and actually creates more stress when over consumed.
  • Make a new friend with someone completely opposite from you.
  • Keep learning and take a class online and attend local workshops.
  • Be kind. Forgive. Don’t gossip.

For 2019, choose a new healthy behaviour as your goal and tend to it daily. Share it with a trusted friend or family member and write about your progress in your new journal. Never give up on becoming a better version of yourself.