by John Riddle

It is no secret that we live in a stressed-out world.  According to the American Psychological Association, stress is having an impact on people’s physical and emotional health.  Concerns about money, job security and the economy in general are just a few of the issues causing stress these days.

But according to stress expert Dr. Roger Carey, having some stress is not all that bad.  “It can serve as a motivator to help us reach our goals and objectives,” he says.  “Some stress, if managed well, can actually push a person along the pathway to success.”

Dr. Carey is launching three books this month on various topics of stress.  They include From Stress to Success in 5 Easy Lessons, Don’t Run From Stress…But Embrace It! and Stress Busting Tips for Busy Executives.

“In my private practice as a clinical psychologist, I often see individuals burdened by an overwhelming amount of stress in their lives. As they begin their therapy sessions, they quickly learn that stress can help them to change behavior, to develop better, stronger coping skills, to learn skills such as distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and better adaptability to life and all of its challenges,” he says.

He understands that people these days lead very busy lives.  “We are racing against the clock to be as productive as we can be. To reach our high expectations, and to please our bosses, and spouses. And we often forget that our bodies are not designed to constantly be racing full speed ahead, while leaving our health and well-being behind,” he says.

Dr. Carey believes that everyone should adjust their schedule, and when they do, they will feel better.  “Slowing down means taking the time to notice our surroundings, to pay more attention to the ones we love most, to capture the moment so that we don’t miss out on the beauty of the earth that surrounds us at any given time,” he advises.