Future is in your visions

The current human mind is a miracle of ignorance!

Are we using our minds in our day to day life? 
Do we do things consciously? 
How much of our work is muscle memory or habit? 
How much brainpower do we use? 
What is some mind usage increasing techniques? 
How can we go back to ancient times – where humans could process much more information?

Everyone knows about the benefits of good habits and also about Decision fatigue. Good habits help us automate and do good things without thinking. And decision fatigue will make us do wrong things even for simple activities.
The most common suggestion provided by people is to cultivate as many good habits as possible. So that most of the good things can be done on auto-pilot and have less of decision fatigue. Thereby freeing up your mind to better focus and make the right decisions. 
I have a problem though with the above suggestion. 
I like the part of setting up good habits. I also agree that to some extent we can, then do things automatically. 
But I do not believe that we should let go of decision making. We need to evolve our decision-making process. Not give it up in its entirety. 
So how do you build a method to help with decisions? The obvious thing is to have good thoughts. 
How do you have only good thoughts?Simple – make it a mission to help others around you. Just help, no expectations. No return on investment calculations, please. Help is not something you do as an investment. It is your contribution in good faith and based on an advantage you have. You might know how to get the task done. You may have enough money to buy your way out of it. 
Just these acts of kindness without any expectations can make you a better person. 
Let me explain how.

The following are the benefits of helping others

  1. It makes you feel better
  2. It improves your social relationship levels
  3. It reduces stress in your environment and hence, happiness spreads easily
  4. It instils positivity and gratitude 
  5. You’ll earn respect from others. Trust me we keep yearning to be respected by others and helping them can be the easiest way to it
  6. You will become happier as due to your help someone else can be less worried about the problem and their negativity drops
  7. Others will feel safe to work or live with you
  8. Your potential to do things will keep increasing every time you help as you get to solve not just your problems but everyone else’s too 
  9. As you keep helping others, you will soon know your purpose in life and become a better person

In a nutshell, by helping others, you are openly exposing yourself to more troubles. You are facing challenges head-on. You are supporting others in the decisions they should be taking. 
You are expanding the scope of your thoughts. Exercising your brain muscles more regularly. 

Most personal trainers at gyms world over say that with regular exercise, you will get into a better shape. Similarly, with frequent use of your brain muscles, you will be able to make better decisions.

So a bright future = Create and sustain as many good habits as possible + Help as many people around you as possible.