In order to help others, you first need to take care of yourself.  Spending so much time by ourselves and with immediate family during the Covid-19 pandemic can be both an opportunity and a challenge.  It’s important to have goals every day and ensure you are taking care of both your mind and body to stay in good spirits.

Another powerful tool to keep us focused and our spirits high is being there for others!  Since people can’t be together, it can become difficult to feel supported.  Sometimes, our minds wander to the negative

News on TV and social media are not always providing positive headlines.  Quite often, the best headlines are the ones that spark fear and alarmism and this can easily be what stays with us if we let it.  Just as importantly, it can impact our family and friends.  By spending time listening to our family and friends can provide a strong benefit to our own well-being.  Whether our friend or family member is nearby or in another state, our voices and faces can be a contributing factor in helping others cope, and provide perspective.  Being a good listener, and providing care and perspective to situations can help us realize how well we are doing.  These things can help us appreciate the big and small gifts we have.  

It is critical to remember that not everyone is in the same boat.  We may be in the same storm, but some of us still have employment and some of us are still getting a paycheck; but others have reduced pay and some no pay at all.  Some are in highly infected communities and others are in very safe, low affected areas.  There are many different personal perspectives about when we can begin normal life again and phases therein.  Listening to others and caring about their feelings can truly help us with our own feelings.  Learning while helping can actually bring us closer together even when we are miles apart.