Jeremy Haynes owns a digital marketing agency that he’s been running for a total of four years now, because of his spectacular results, his brand has been labeled the top 1 % of digital marketing, and rightfully so, his company manages five hundred thousand to sometimes two million dollars in ad spend per month and he’s able to make large returns from small initial investments

At 16-years-old, Haynes says that he didn’t believe the story that was told to him. In his home town of Ohio, he witnessed that many of the residents had smaller dreams, aspirations, and life goals. His mindset didn’t coincide with his surroundings, and although he didn’t have the perfect words to describe his independent, self-starter, mentality, he knew deep down that there was more to life than what was currently within his grasp.  “I didn’t really know the concept of entrepreneurship. Nobody around me was talking about that, and I don’t think I heard that word growing up. From my own observation, it was a small-thinking environment and everyone was pretty negative.”

Some People Are Meant For Greatness

He is no stranger to success. As a teenager, he was earning more money than his parents with a small video production company that he started. Within three months, he earned a total of $60,000, and when he shared his success story with those around him, no one believed him…until they saw the money for themselves! When the naysayers took a peek into his bank account, they instantly became believers. But unfortunately, failure was inevitable. The lack of proper training and mentors forced his business into a downward spiral and his fast-track success went up in smoke. But that didn’t stop him from living out his destiny. 

After a series of sales and marketing jobs, he landed a position working for Grant Cardone, a successful business owner. It was there that he learned what it meant to be an entrepreneur and how to push himself to reach greater heights. “It wasn’t until after I worked for Grant that I was able to see how [my expertise] could transform lives. He helped me think bigger and shape my perspective on things. I was also on a sales commission where I was capped at $10,000 a month and the drive to make more money and live out my passion to help people has pushed me to scale my own marketing agency.” Tai Lopez was a client that transformed how Haynes witnessed the impact of his own brand on the lives of others. “When you’re selling an informational product, you’re selling something that is intangible. I taught in three different Tai Lopez courses where I was able to see again, first hand, how my information could help others… I’ts cool knowing that I have the resources to get people to the next level.” 

Success, Struggles, and Everything in Between

The journey to his success has been interesting, and he has definetly learned a lot along the way. One important key to his success thus far is investing his time, energy, and of course money, in the right places. He is no longer the teenage boy who jumps head first into an opportunity unprepared, instead, he equips himself with the knowledge that is needed to slice the competition and produce valuable results. “Always pursue more knowledge, specifically through mentors. I believe mentors are the cheat codes for life. I try to read two to three hours a day. I also take courses, but I’m not a course junky!”

He also adds that perseverance is vital to success and being committed to a standard on how to conduct your business will help you stay the course. “The ability to preserve and [uphold] a standard to get things done and make it happen will typically give you what you need to accomplish anything.” 

Accountability is the third key to success that he believes also acts as a healthy tool to keep you align and bring your desires into full fruition. “Accountability comes in so many different forms… making the right internal decisions will keep you in check.” 

The Game of Power

Haynes understands that the further he goes up the success ladder, the more “the game of power” comes into play. He uses the class system that currently exists in our society to bring home the point that with knowledge comes power, and an individual’s level of power is pre-determined by the amount of influence or information that one can contribute to gain an advantage. “In order to gain success and get the smoothest ride in your business, you have to understand the game of power. You can reach a certain level where you’re making a million dollars a month, but if you’re not hyper aware of the social game that everyone is playing, you won’t reach [a higher] level of success.” 

For those who want to follow in his footsteps, he says that you must have a passion to help others.  As you travel down the rabbit hole of information, he states that you will find new perspectives and questions that you will be faced with. But you will find many different ways that you can help others, and that comes naturally after you’ve become an expert in your field. He states, “Consider who you’re trying to help and how to teach them in the most articulate way possible. The opportunity to help others will always show itself to you, so be open to it.” 

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  • Jourdain Bell

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