Andrew Peters is an entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping people. He found his passion for people and began in the world of teaching and coaching in the crypto currency and forex market world.

“For the trading aspect, people need an out. You see so many people “trapped” by the life they think they have to live – they can’t see anything different.  In today’s society when you talk about wealth so many people feel they will never achieve it. They dream about, talk about, but then no action is taken. Typically not on purpose either. It’s the same pattern of life most have lived years thinking change will come without them taking action. You’ve got to be able to react with life’s challenges. Adapt to change, and be sure you’re chasing the dreams you once had as a kid. 

By coaching, I see lightbulbs start to go off and they’re willing to think outside the box. The biggest hurdle you have to get people to jump over is risk. They fear losing money yet wake up everyday trading their time they can’t get back to company with no promises of living to see tomorrow. Your biggest risk is waking up. If you wake up to live another day, you’ve beat the odds. All other risks in life are issues we’ve let society create for us,” Andrew explains.

Not only does Andrew do this, but he also is deeply involved in the Dollar Club. In the same vein of helping people, Andrew focuses on many domestic issues with the Dollar Club to help people in some of the toughest situations.

For the Dollar Club, our mission is to help those domestically and internationally. From building up communities with jobs and to help fight sex trafficking. It’s been an eye opener for me to be involved with this company. Once I was told I was going to be the Director of Domestic Affairs, it was like time stopped. Sex traffecting, homeless, poor communities, it’s all things I’ve had a big heart for and have wanted to contribute to on a larger scale. This is allowing me to do just that,” Andrew states.

Despite having the best intentions in these businesses, Andrew struggled at first when starting his business. He wanted to go with every idea out there, so he became a yes man and tried to make every idea a possibility, which led to overstretching.

“I was always a yes guy. If someone wanted to meet up to pitch an idea, SURE LETS DO IT! Then I realized I was pulling so much time away from my family for what? 99% of these people just wanted to talk in hopes you’d bite. They never had any interest in taking the risk themselves. So what did you end up doing? Wasting your time. What if that was my last day alive. I could have been with my family. So now I put everything into perspective of time with my family. If someone is asking me to have a meeting with them, it better be worth missing something with my kids. Basically – how does it enhance their life and mine?” Says Andrew.

Those who are looking for advice on how to be successful like Andrew, he has a few pieces of advice for you. The biggest one is that you should always try to do what you love in life because of how much time you are going to be giving up to do it.

“Always remind yourself that you’ve been exchanging your life for something you don’t love for years. Don’t expect your business to succeed overnight. Constantly push yourself to be better. Not as a business owner, but as a person. If you’re married – focus on your wife. Make sure she’s happy. Make sure your goals align. Make her feel like she’s the most important person around and treat her like a queen. If you’re a dad – your kids have to see you’re there for them. Everything you do has to be viewed that way. As a business owner you’ll find yourself saying “we can do that next week”, “dads busy – show me later”. Once you fall into that mindset your family is gone. Then your wife and kids start viewing your Business as they’re enemy. Remember why you’re starting the business. To have more freedom,” Andrew advises.

When asking Andrew what success means to him, it was interesting his response. 

Being successful to me means being able to enjoy my time with my family. My best friend, Anthony Williams said it best one night when we were out by the pool. “Success is not measured by how much money you have, it’s the enjoyment you get waking up each day doing what you love.” That has stuck with me since day 1. I just want to be a good person and enjoy every day wearing a smile and seeing people smile back. 

To find out more about Andrew, you can follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.


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