Do you know yourself? Do you like yourself? Many people spend a lot of time trying to accomplish things so that they could eventually like themselves, but the truth is, knowing one’s authentic self is a challenge. The only way to really see yourself correctly is to do so through the eyes of God, the designer. Without understanding His grace and intention for you, you will always feel like there is something to prove, and that’s a dangerous place to be. Elana van Deventer can attest to this, but when she found grace, she found her way towards a purposeful life.

Elana van Deventer is a passionate alignment coach, speaker, entrepreneur, and the founder of The Revive Method. She started her company after listening to her God-given heartbeat. For years she’d existed in a sort of constant emotional cardiac failure, until the point when she couldn’t even shock her heart back into rhythm. She was flatlining and it was scary. It became exactly what she needed to become the truest version of herself. She is currently on a mission to teach women around the world to find that freedom for themselves by aligning their hearts, minds, bodies, and actions with the truth. 

Women Empowerment

According to Elana, the key to knowing your true identity is similar to turning on the light inside your mind and heart, aligning the internal settings of how you were made so that you can see with clarity. You start to see yourself for who you are. In order to become the best edition of yourself, you need to have an unshakable starting point. This is not something that changes with your vocational calling; this is your identity. Specifically, this is connecting the power between your unique mind and heart’s desires. Especially in the present day and age, if these things are not aligned, you will never stop competing with others and second-guessing whether or not you are living a fulfilling, successful life. The more a woman is empowered to walk in her raw and brilliant identity, the more a community of sisterhood will flourish.


Elana figured out that she is not the only one who forgets about this and knows someone else needs this reminder! God treasures who you are today, not who you will become tomorrow. According to her, you can become so preoccupied with the questions of tomorrow that you miss out on the beauty, relationships, and experiences God longs to rejuvenate you with today. Hence, often, you double up on commitment, planning, and just doing whatever ‘busy’ looks like for you or feeling heavy and overwhelmed by the pressure to show up on social media that passion starts to fade. Joy and peace can only be present when your identity roots are planted in the right soil. Outward growth without internal alignment is unsustainable and exhausting. 

Although it sounds cliche, you have to make self-love a priority. You have to actually schedule it in your day. Otherwise, it’ll just exist as a good idea in your mind. As nature operates so instinctively in seasons, so should we. We must disconnect from external distractions frequently. So that it doesn’t become overwhelming, start with small increments daily and plan for larger chunks every week, month and more. It might be uncomfortable or seem unproductive at first, but to your surprise, you’ll start to see how passion returns to you. With that, Elana advises you to grab your calendar and book a time from me to me: dare to be inspired by God as His beloved daughter. 

Disconnect. Take time to Vision cast. Meditate. Do whatever promotes peace for you. Go for a walk, read something relaxing or fascinating, take a warm bath. Allow yourself to have time for yourself in order for self-love to grow. Think of it like dating yourself, the one person you truly do spend your entire life with. If you want to know more about Elana van Deventer and register for The Revive Method, you can contact Elana through these following channels:

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