It is not trouble-free being a manager or even an employee. With work comes heavy responsibility and with responsibility comes success as well as failure. As a manager, I am still accountable to my superiors; I have always had problems with the hierarchy of the firm I work for. These superiors act like gods, waiting to pick a minor mistake you make. God may forgive you, but they won’t. I have found out these seven excellent ways to cope with failure at work.

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1. Try to be professional

It sure gets emotional when you make a mistake in front of a hundred people and on top of that if you have put your blood and sweat. The first and the foremost tip that I use is to keep calm and collected is to Separate your heart and mind. As a professional, I always try to leave all my emotions at home and take my brain with me only. It helps me cope up with problems at work rationally.

     2. Take responsibility

I make blunders but taking responsibility for them in front of everyone is my strength. Those were my actions; therefore, I need to provide solutions for them. Once I accepted that there is no harm in making mistakes and owning them, my work life became serene. 

     3. Avoid playing the blame game

Finding someone or something to blame feels a little better but for a little while but making peace with your flaws is eternal. My coworkers and boss stopped pointing fingers at me when I openly started to agree that It was solely my fault. Plus point: It makes you look professional and mature!

     4. Take a break

I don’t panic even when the worst things happen. Immediate actions are not required. I go home and try to find an activity which soothes me, maybe gardening? Or playing a slow, peaceful song? My favorite is playing Philip Glass on my century’s old piano. It not only helps me divert my mind but lets me think of possible solutions. 

5. Talk to someone

Seeking a counselor’s help is never a bad option. They don’t provide anyone with solutions, but they don’t judge you either. They help me to untangle strings that I think are intricate. I don’t always go to the counselor; a loyal friend or my sweet mama always lets me vent for hours too. 

6. Try to be solution-oriented

Focus is the key. It helps me determine whether to take a step forward or backward or to start over altogether. Instead of why and how it happened, I focus on solutions; however I do keep in mind not to repeat the mistake I made previously. It starts with optimism, then I proceed towards my objective, and then finally the plan.

7. Move forward

When all the things I said are covered smoothly, I keep my head high and move forward. Directions are essential in order to move forward; when I’m done mapping them out, I make sure to keep a backup plan. You never know what will happen next; I’ve been a prepper since the day I was born.