Every 6 in 10 people are having terrible mood shifts whether address it as stress, hypertension, impactful surroundings and environments, unhealthy lifestyle and so on, the list goes. Often in these conditions, we find ourselves pretty much helpless as moving forward in life could invite situations and trying to figure it out in a better way, shakes our mood.

We can’t postpone or get rid of these popped up like instant circumstances, Right? But at least we could try our best to limit it’s after effects which it leaves to our brain resulting mood swings. There are many and different types of techniques and ways, we search and develop for ourselves. Sometimes, when it comes to our mood and trying, testing every method is a right option?

Practically saying, we all are equally responsible for our shifting of moods every moment leaving an unusual impact on our personal as well as work relationships. Our brain, as we all know is the controller of our body and not even body, but about the thoughts we intake, our fling senses, all largely comprises and forms an effective mood. Many say that balancing mind, body in association with the environment and emotional level or stability is the perfect recipe for a good mood. Apparently, it might be correct, but can we say it could be a perfect fit for every dynamic situation?

For encountering any situation or circumstance, we got to set our mod to be finally tuned up and present at that moment. Good people, positive and supportive environment definitely boosts our mood.

Our mood disruptors or disturbances are more likely to be triggered by various factors including technology and its side effects, health issues (hormonal disturbances), chronic stress and fatigue.


There are several factors that triggers our mood receptors leading to anger and increasing irritability which urges or could activate us to show our angry mood, getting frustrated or we could even start endless arguments and soon our essential chemical required for the brain basically named as “Happy Hormone” (Serotonin) being released and impacting vastly on our moods, that we could hope to get subtle soon.

Mood swings can be normal when it comes to health problems like Bipolar Disorder, acute Depression, and some kind of mental sickness. If we are talking about any scientific reason or ways which initiates a frustrated or an irritated mood which basically lies beneath the factors regarding essential chemicals for brain health (serotonin and dopamine) not being released by the brain, including reasons like :-

  • Not Eating –  Mood can undergo a rapid change when we are starving and not taking proper meals causing frustration about everything.
  • When our gut is not functioning properly – Your gut health is directly related to your brain and literally, you can’t concentrate on your tasks, feeling less energized leaving you irritated.
  • What you are taking in? – Your mood is also dependent on what you are consuming, what nutrients and healthy fats do it provide? As some foods can also stimulate our nervous system causing mood disturbances.
  • Chronic Fatigue –  People suffering from fatigue are less likely to have a good mood for the rest of the day which even frustrates them more.
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  • Hormones –  Your hormones can greatly contribute to your mood swings as with hormonal changes, it takes time for your body to adjust which disturbs the mood (for teenagers).
  • Dehydration –  Not taking in fluids especially water can take away strength necessary for your body to function, but also it interferes with chemicals essential for brain functioning.
  • Deficiency of Essential Nutrients (Magnesium)-  When your body is lacking in vitamins and minerals that makes you feel better, can easily cause mood swings and irritability. So it’s important to keep up with required nutrients for your body.


Some biological factors, technological factors could also contribute to ups and downs for the moods. Whether it’s social media, any application or any business emails or relevant accounts you are handling, this point cannot be missed, even your business all majorly handled online. Though not getting timely results could cause you frustration and rapid mood swings at home or workplace.

Not only including this, as I have mentioned above, but some mental conditions namely psychological factors such as bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, anxiety largely also contribute to mood disturbances impacting one’s overall well being.

Well, the reasons might be more than this including day to day different kind of stresses, but by natural foods and maintaining your health, you could gain control over your rapid mood swings :-

Foods such as :

  1. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Leafy Greens are considered as the power-packed house of essential nutrients and minerals including magnesium, such as kale, broccoli, spinach.

  • Herbal Teas:

Around the globe, teas are meant to be the stress reliever and help to get rid of headaches and lethargy as herbal teas are rich in anti-oxidants that calm us easily.

  • Dark Chocolate:

As we all know that chocolate comes under the category of ‘comfort foods’. Unlike regular chocolate, dark chocolate is rich in protein and helps to rebuild your positive mood.

  • Fruits:

Fruits like apples, oranges, berries are rich in Vitamin C and dietary fiber that helps a lot to deal with your stress hormone ‘cortisol’ during your stressful hours.

  • Beans:

Types of beans, legumes, lentils, containing magnesium which further relaxes your nerve.

When it comes to a stressful mood nothing is far better than moving your body along. Yes, you got it right, ‘Exercise your body and worries out’.

  1. Yoga/Meditation (Peace Of Mind):

The best thing is to do Yoga or at least meditate for increasing your mindfulness and deep breathing exercise further helps in regulating the flow of oxygen to the brain which ultimately helps in improving your mood.

  • Cycling (Stamina):

During cycling, you would definitely have experienced a gush of increased energy within yourself and doing this for minimum 30 mins would help to activate your brain to feel more energized and boosts your mood.

  • Lifting Weights (Cognition/Clarity of Mind):

Research founded that trying out weights lifting of dumbbells are proved beneficial when it comes to cognition impairment involved within the brain, which typically had helped older adults to regulate their tasks with their improved behavior.

  • Pilates (Calming of nerves):

This exercise is not only good for toning body and muscles but also helps in improving the quality of your sleep and helps in maintaining a better sleep cycle.

So here are some of the useful advice for improving mood and helps to relax within a short period of time.

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