I am officially halfway through my 50 for 50 charity campaign and I have been so inspired by the process. I’ve particularly loved hearing from all of you about what matters to you and what you’re supporting and why you’re supporting it. And I want to hear more!

I’ve learned about organizations I’d never heard of before. I have had causes brought to my attention that weren’t previously at the front of my mind — from medical debt to hearing loss to foster kids and so much more.

What’s been most compelling to hear about, however, is how doing charitable work impacts each person involved. I am not the only one who practices gratitude as something to be turned into actions that benefit the world around us, and it has been encouraging to hear the ways you all give back. It’s true that when we give, we get as much (if not more) back to us in one form or another.

Research shows that when people see others doing kind deeds, they are more likely to act with kindness themselves. That’s one reason why I appreciate the world news ending with a positive segment and the morning shows having a series called kindness 101.

You have inspired me to continue to show you that there are so many people doing charitable work. I also want to increase and amplify the impact you have on your favorite cause. I have been highlighting some of the charities that are important to you. Have you noticed?

Has your nomination been selected? If not, send me your favorite 1 or 2 charities. Share why they are important to you and please let me know if I can credit your name with the nomination.

I will only select one charity per person and I am trying to diversify the types of organizations represented based on cause, size, and geographic reach.

So PLEASE SEND ME YOUR NOMINATIONS! And you just may see your name and favorite charity in my next newsletter.

This week, I’m grateful for Ardaman Singh and Joanna Takes for their charity recommendations. Ardaman’s favorite charity is the United Way of Northern NJ, for the incredible work they do with low-income residents of the region. Joanna nominated Secondhand Hounds, an incredible animal rescue committed to ensuring all dogs have the best chance for a stable, long, healthy life.

A few others we recently highlighted include:

  • LRA Walk
  • Donor’s Choose
  • Friendship Circle
  • Planned Parenthood
  • HIAS
  • Direct Relief
  • The Seeing Eye
  • Everyday Miracles

Increase your impact, spread kindness and nominate your favorite charity!