There are many areas of life. They include body, mindset, relationship, career, friends, family, spiritual development, health, physical environment, and entertainment. These areas are fundamental in building you to be the best version of yourself. And guess what? Rowan Wiechmann is already ahead in the game. 

About Rowan Wiechmann

Rowan is the owner of ‘The Pure Man’ company, where you can wake up and unleash your potential. He is a modern style high performance and leadership coach, helping young people become the best versions of themselves in all areas of their life through development coaching. Rowan teaches them to become the most powerful men by being themselves, without comparison, but through personal power. He uses what he calls the ‘Military Method’ to help men become pure men and scale their businesses. Rowan now leads a community of over 25 successful men in business, aged 18-35, called the Pure Performance Unit. 

Rowan’s profession also comes from his personal story. He lived as a happy kid till the age of 12 when his parents divorced, and he was forced to grow fast. He also faced bullying in primary for being the smallest. He had to change his traits to fit in. He joined the army at 18 and became a leader. He had started being confident but was still wearing a mask due to the alpha culture. He saw his friends around him chasing girls. After doing drugs, cheating, and quitting a relationship, he understood the importance of living authentically. From then, a pure man was created and now helps other men do the same.

Here are Rowan’s reasons why all areas of your life matter. 

To Gain Power

Power is sweet and addictive. And everybody is constantly struggling to attain it. Suppose you want to become the best version of yourself; you need to learn that you are in control. This revelation will help you step into your potential and take control of your business and life. 

Once you gain power, your voice can be heard far and wide and can influence your decisions. It will also bring more control to your life and reduce your stress. It also creates likability as people like to be associated with power. 

To Increase Performance

Stagnation is an indicator that you are not growing. That is why you need to create room for growth in your body, mind, spirit, and other areas of life if you want to perform and bring continuous forward momentum in your business and life. To increase, you first have to be clear on who you are as a man and what is holding you back. Get clear on your purpose so that you can create your most significant impact. Have the military code principle that will give you confidence. Also, learn to collaborate and understand the power of unity. It will enhance your performance. 

To Be A leader

Once you streamline all areas of your life, you become a leader who can lead by example. You can now impact others positively and help them grow in their lives. When Rowan found himself and became a leader, he began living his authentic self while helping young men achieve their business and life goals. Therefore, all areas in your life will be an ingredient in shaping and molding you to be an influential leader. 


Accountability is the state of being answerable, blameworthiness, and liable. All areas in your life will contribute to your accountability. Rowan is accountable in every area of his life, whether his behavior, actions, performance, or decisions. This aspect has helped him to be committed to his work, and it has increased his performance. 


Therefore taking care of all areas of your life will make you gain power, increase your performance, and mold you into a leader. It will also make you someone accountable.