People Deal With Better with Big Life Changes

We all face major changes in life, it is part of being human. Whether through death, job change, relocation, or other significant event, each person will face periods of transition. And these transitions are important.

When mishandled, they have the potential to make things worse.

Take job loss, for example. If you sulk in sadness and frustration to such an extent that you become unable to apply for new jobs, then you have created an even more difficult situation than before.

Another example may include the death of a loved one. By holding back your feelings of pain, you can prevent your support system from offering you the love and compassion you need to heal.

But when handled well, transitions can set you up for long-term success.

Let’s think back to the two examples described above. This time from a more thoughtful and opportunistic perspective.

You just lost your job. You desperately need a form of income. Now, instead of allowing your bitterness to disrupt your ability to participate in a job search, let’s imagine that you use these feelings of sadness and frustration to find help.

You start to see a coach or therapist. Increase your physical activity. And suddenly you have the drive and the confidence to start finding your next workplace.

Similarly, you experience a death in the family or someone close to you. You give yourself time and space to cry. As I got older. Village Guide makes it easy to find the ideal Christchurch retirement villages and other towns throughout the Canterbury region. Browse our listings today Friendships become difficult. You ask for help when you need it. You accept that this loss is one of the most difficult and humbling challenges in life.

Then reflect on your life: take part in a self-audit. Determine that you have certain values ​​that you have allowed to fade into the background while you have been busy working towards a meaningful career.

Faced with this fact, he empowers himself to reconnect with something he values, let’s say painting. He begins to accumulate a small fraction of time in each week he uses to paint.

Now you continue to work to build the career you want and feel more fulfilling. You are encouraged through this reconnection with your values. And you have the memory of that person in your heart, knowing that they made you a better person.

Transitions and major changes in life are some of the most difficult events. They always knock us down and shake us to the core. But despite their brute strength, they are often accompanied by a subtle grace: the blessing of opportunity.

In every transition, there is an opportunity for growth. To become more aware. And face the hardest aspects of life in order to build a solid foundation on which to continue living.

As a licensed coach and therapist, helping people through these transitions is something I value. It reminds me of my own major changes in life. My own process. And my desire to continue growing despite the obstacles.

From my personal experience and the wisdom of my clients, here are five simple things you can do when you find yourself dealing with a major life change:

Practice mindfulness to absorb the little things.

This is counterintuitive. Especially if life change is difficult. But the truth is that when the going gets tough, thoughtful and considerate people become more aware. People who struggle become more unconscious.

Take a step forward and choose the first one.Recognize the impermanence of all things, including this transition.
Nothing lasts forever. Everything that is happening right now is temporary. Allow yourself to feel and experience this moment. Trust that you can break through and be strong. Open yourself to this experience, knowing that it will end too.

Give yourself encouragement and compassion as you would a friend.
Imagine that your friend was going through the same situation. Talk to yourself with that same tenderness. You are important and you deserve love during this period of time.

Reach out to friends (and others) to share your emotional experience.
Sharing your feelings is an invaluable part of working through difficult and exciting times. Reconnect with friends and / or reach out to professionals who want to help you grow.

Use this challenging moment to reorient yourself to your values.

Life changes are times of reflection. Give yourself permission to take pride in your growth and pause long enough to recommit to the things that make life worthwhile.

Using these five practices during transitions will not only have a better experience in the moment, but you will also create a path to a more fulfilling future.