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I went to the UPS store around 12:30 PM on a Saturday. The line was out the front door. People were lined up outside on the steps. 

I usually wouldn’t have come at this time on this day, but I had an excuse: my packages were already labeled and paid for. I was just “dropping off.” 

But I thought, doesn’t everyone know that this is a bad time to come to UPS? Midday on the weekend — when you’d expect it to be most crowded? Why would anyone come to UPS at this time of day unless they had no other choice? 

Well, people are people. 

Most people will do… what most people do. 

Granted, some may work all week during business hours. Maybe there’s one person who had the bright idea that everyone would be avoiding UPS, being it was the weekend — which meant an opportunity for them to sneak in unabated on a Saturday afternoon. 

Most people, though, will make that crowd at the UPS Store on Saturday afternoons, at 4PM Friday at the Post Office, the grocery store the evening before Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Don’t overestimate the crowd. It usually does exactly what you’d expect. 

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