Patrick Van Negri’s life is full of work, and as a content creator and a social media influencer, he is continuously shuffling between things to make sure he does not miss out on something. 24 hours doesn’t seem to be enough for all that he has to accomplish in a day. Patrick is always on top of all his work, and even then, there is certain guilt of not being able to do things with maximum efforts. After every fantastic job he does, and content he creates, he thinks that it could have been done a little better, a notch perfect. 

Even after doing so much he is always feeling that he is not creating enough content or doing enough to help and add value. He puts endless hours in engaging personally with his fans and followers. Besides, he is having to continually create native content for new social media platforms that are emerging every other day. The most significant stress that he deals with is figuring out ways and means to create some amazing and compelling content every single time. More importantly, get better with new forms of content.

How does Patrick manage to handle all that stress while fulfilling all the creative demands prominent to his career? The answer he registers is – by living a well-balanced life. 

Handling Stress, Dealing with Pressure, Avoiding Burnout – How does he do it?

Patrick is a firm believer of an age-old saying that says – prevention is better than cure, and to ensure he never does get an ailment to need treatment for, he does many things that help him to stay away from all the negatives of working all the time. He established a lot of essential habits that ensure stress, pressure, and burnouts remain out of the window. 

The first and the most important thing he does is that he makes sure he sleeps well. He gives an incredible priority to his sleep and ensures that he always gets healthy and high-quality sleep. His sleep routine generally starts at 4-5 am, and when he does sleep, he sleeps without any alarm. He makes sure he lets his body decide when it is enough. By giving his body sufficient rest, Patrick can take full advantage of a full day of energy and productivity. He believes it is all about what you do when you are awake. Here are some tips that Patrick recommends for a healthy and high-quality sleeping routine: 

  • Keep a consistent sleep cycle. Sleep around the same time every day.
  • Keep your bedroom dark, blacked-out and around 65 F temperature.. Make sure the bed is clean and sanitized. A silk pillowcase works perfectly.
  • Stay away from artificial lights such as computers and mobile phones. Turn the night shift modes on and check them at reduced brightness levels.
  • Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine just before you get to bed.
  • Put everything on silent modes, block all noises, and all sources that might interrupt your sleep and wake you up.
  • Refrain from drinking too much water before you sleep.

There are certain other things, according to Patrick, that lead to developing a balance in life. One essential duo is nutrition and exercise. You are what you eat, so watch what you are eating and in what amounts as it is a key to your well-being and good health. Make sure you are exercising and are always moving around for a healthy cardiovascular system. According to Patrick, keeping your body in motion will keep your life in motion, so you better move it and work out for good.

And in the end, he says, if the workload gets too much to manage, it is good to outsource the things that boggle you down. Hire people to do the work you don’t have the time to, or let them do the things you don’t like. For creatives, it is most likely the admin work. Patrick’s challenge with that is that it is his name on it. He is not a micromanager, but since every piece of content goes under his name and every email is sent towards him, he needs to be involved 100%, which slows the progress down but keeps the high-standard quality. You know what would work best for you! 

Words of Advice for a Well-balanced life

Patrick advises that the most critical trait of developing a well-balanced life is self-awareness. One has to be aware of what works best for themselves, for he agrees that what might be balanced for him might not be balanced for someone else. Jot down everything you know about yourself on a piece of paper and sit and decide on what you are today and what would be your course of action to be what you wish to become. 

And once you have a good idea of yourself, do not hesitate to try new things and experiment in finding your balance. That would make sure you explore different lifestyle choices and find the balance that works for you. You might find an activity that you never knew could be so fulfilling in your own life. So allow yourself to find your balance through your ways.