A study conducted by the oxford research team found that the theory of goal setting is straightforward: set a specific, high goal and the result will be high performance. This is because the specific goal that is chosen focuses an individual’s attention on goal-relevant activities.

In another study carried out it was found that less than 3% of people actually set goals and less than 1% then go on to review them.

So many people drift and find themselves in a situation or place in life before realising they never wanted to end up being there.

Setting goals enable you to be intentional on what you want to achieve before you find yourself in a place you never wanted to be. Goals enable you to achieve the success you set out for yourself, and essentially setting goals is your success plan.

When you lay your success plan out, you can keep working towards it until you achieve it, or evaluate it when you feel necessary.

Here are 3 ways you can set yourself up for success, and put together a really clear and easy action plan that is effortless to stick to!

1. Breakdown your success plan. Set your goals every 90 days. Having short term goals to work towards will keep you focussed and on track to achieve the things you are working on. It enables you to have quick wins and keep your blinkers on and focus on what is coming in the short term. This will help keep you motivated to achieve the next goal and keep you moving in the right direction. 

2. Keep it simple. You can breakdown your goals into 3 months. Month 1, Money 2 & Month 3 and become very clear on what you would like to achieve within this time frame. This will enable you to stay on track and be even more focused on a monthly basis. When you break it down into months, you can also put together really simple actions to take that will help you move towards your goals even quicker and easier than ever before. 

3. Write your goals down. By writing your goals down you are activating the neuro-pathways in your brain and also a cluster of neuro-pathways in your brain called the reticular activating system. This will then enable you to begin to notice opportunities that arise that will help you achieve your goals. Like when you buy a new car and then all of a sudden everyone has that same car! Yes, this is like that. When you set your goals and read them as often as possible (In my best selling book Step into your Personal Potential I recommend looking at your goals daily if you can) then you are giving yourself more opportunities to see the possibilities around you. 

If you would like to dive into this topic even further, and put together your own personal success plan, I have a really easy personalised success plan just for you, if you would like to download it will support you to put together an actionable 90 day success plan, download the worksheet here.

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