Reprogram Your Brain To Achieve More Focus On Your Goals

There is a funny truth in the business world: hard work is not always success. If you have long believed in this perceived relationship, you may find it unbelievable that there is actually no direct cause-and-effect relationship between these two things.

So if you can’t draw a clear line between hard work and achieving your goals, what else?

To solve this puzzle, I reached out to my mentor trainer JV Krum III – a writer, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur, who earned his millions at the age of 25. Now he is showing other business trainers and consultants how to move from six to seven and beyond in their business and teaching high net worth entrepreneurs how to move from a small wave to a tidal wave that is their passion and their Is both. Affects their profits.

When I asked him how to systematically set goals and achieve them quickly, he gave me a reason why most people never achieve their biggest goals.

He pointed his head and said, “Whatever you get in life, you have to get it first.”

First step towards financial freedom

In his book, “Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by a Difference”, he goes into the depths of what he calls “Concious Millionaire Visualization”, a high-level form of goal visualization. This not only enables you to transcend most approaches to visualization, but it also allows you to live to your highest potential.

begravningsbyråmalmö.nu Granted, much has been written about the power of visualization, particularly in the realm of athletes, who use visualization before embarking on their own in their goals. But when it makes sense to imagine yourself physically moving up the ski slope at the Olympics, is it even possible to get yourself a tremendous amount of money?

According to Krum, this is not only possible, but also important in achieving your financial and business goals.

Most people – even those who believe they are using visualization – never imagine themselves the way they want to. In fact, most are trapped in an emotionally deficient situation and are never able to position themselves at a high level of performance.

Instead, those who achieve tremendous success learn – and do so quickly – and then embody the mysteries to get themselves to the state of mind that they have attained their goals.

They think what to do to become rich. They go through their days as if they had achieved that promotion. At night they go to bed and are thankful that they bought this dream home, even though they have not yet chosen it.

Imagine your biggest goals

Your mindset, as I personally learned, is everything. What I have learned, however, is that the power of visualization does not come through voodoo or magical energy (although I am willing to discuss it). Instead, I have found that visualization works in part as we make various subtle decisions based on our state of mind. In other words, we make small, not seeming deviations in our daily habits, which give very different results over time.

Since we make thousands of decisions every day, it is easy to imagine that a small deviation in one of those decisions – depending on your mood – can either lead you to achieving your goal or the old One can get stuck in the same decision all the time for decision. always.