Here's The Perfect Solution If You Want To Win And Lead Others (Even If You've Had Losing Habits)... Dre Baldwin

I had a teammate in college — let’s call him Edward — who was a pretty good player. 

Ed was quick, a solid ball handler and had earned the trust of the coaches. Ed wasn’t super talented, but he’d made the most of what he had. 

One issue I had with Ed, though, was that he was an instinctive loser. 

Ed was the kind of player who played hard and did well as long as there appeared we had a chance to win. 

As soon as something went wrong and things were working against us — we were trailing by a lot, a teammate made a mistake — Ed lost his edge. 

He’d put his head down. Shoulders slumped. Started whining. Going through the motions. 

I probably wouldn’t have cared or even noticed if Ed hadn’t been a team captain. 

Some would describe this behavior as front-running. I’d say it was instinctive losing. Ed was just waiting for his chance to have something to bitch about. 


Some people who you know are instinctive losers. 

It’s as if they want to fail and go backwards so they’ll always have something to complain about. 

Instinctive losers will resent you for trying to help them succeed — because being successful removes them from their comfort zone of failure. 

Trying to make winners out of losers is a losing game. 

Instead, do your part of setting the example. Whomever wants to join you will — but it has to be their decision. 

If the losers wanna follow their instincts and stay down, leave them there. 

You can lift people up who are reaching for you — but you can’t pick people up who are laying down. 

I dedicated a whole chapter of my book Work On Your Game to Your Interpersonal Game — because the better you get, the more you’ll want successful people around you. 

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