Be yourself! That’s the advice you tend to hear the most in a society where you’re expected to conform and follow prevailing trends.

Everywhere you go you’re expected to keep up with whatever is the latest thing until that trend dies out and is replaced by a new trend. It might be overwhelming and no wonder we have such high cases of depression and anxiety. You’re being asked to be a cog just like every other cog. Well you don’t have to submit yourself to this drudgery.

Nonconformist are a celebrated group  and you can be a part of that group. Yes, it takes a lot of courage but if you want to swim against the current you’re not going to get far with a halfhearted effort.

Everyone Has Fears

Contrary to popular myth, nonconformists have the same fears about being rejected but they prioritize the importance of doing the right thing, even if society tells them otherwise. Its not easy for anyone to go into uncharted territory but you can be a trailblazer.

If You Want To…

If you want to avoid traditional mortgages and build your own home, you’re a nonconformist. If you want to start a business instead of following a traditional career path, you’re a nonconformist. If you like your used car and don’t feel the need to impress your friends, you’re a non-conformist. If you define beauty different from how others define it, you’re a non-conformist. If you want to stop shaving and grow a beard , you’re a non-conformist. If you want to change the world, you’re a non-conformist.

Don’t Give In To Hopelessness

That empty feeling that you don’t belong to this world is a sign that you’re better of going your own way. Adapt to what your mind is telling you. Don’t push yourself to conform when it will only make you sad and depressed. That feeling of hopelessness will go away over time, you just have to keep forging ahead.

At the same time, recognize that there is a fine line between being a nonconformist and being rude and obnoxious. You can look at the career path of your friends and say, for example: “Good for you, but I have another plan.” You shouldn’t look down on their choices because a nonconformist is meant to be a leader, and good leaders are never condescending

So the question you have to ask yourself now is not “Why can’t I just fit in?” but “How can I contribute to society by being me?”. Change the equation. The glass is not half-empty, it is half-full. The clouds are giving away to a blue sky at one point or another. A positive mindset is very important to being a nonconformist because you have to be comfortable with yourself. Now that doesn’t mean you should be unreasonable. Nonconformists are great leaders and they know how to reason with others, especially those that don’t see their point of view. 

The bottom line is that you can be a successful, happy nonconformist with a spoonful of courage and a dash of risk-taking. Its an easy recipe – just try it and suit to taste!