Hey Gurl Like You! I See you! 


Hey lady!  I see you…how you silently beam with pride at the accomplishments of your kids, your sisters, your mothers and friends… I see you. 

A gurl like you: I see you… how you want to speak your truth but think again and gulp twice in silence because it doesn’t feel right in that moment with those people…I see you. 

Hey lady! I see you… how you work oh so hard without recognition,  accolades or applause but just because it’s what you learned you are supposed to do…I see you. 

A gurl like you: …I see you…how you handle being glossed over, ignored, invisible all with class, letting the others take it for now, have it willingly…how you gather what you can now knowing it’s less than what you deserve, but patiently wait and work hard and hustle for the next round…I see you.

Hey Mama: I see you…how you ache with fatigue and worry, how you shine with unconditional love for them, how you wonder in their awe, how you squeal with love, how you wish you didn’t compare, hurt, or want, …I see you. 

A gurl like you: I see you…how you fell hard but found your stride, your bounce, your strength, your voice, how you spoke up, showed up, kept going,… I see you. 

Hey sista! I see you…how you hustle hard for your own prizes, stopped yourself from sharing the gossip, how you held back from adding another layer to the juicy story, how you vouched for the vulnerable underdog,…  I see you. 

Hey Boss! I see you… how you thank above for all you have, how you went without for others, how you helped her up, dusted her off, and moved her along…how you dropped to your knees in prayer, in joy, desperation, in fear… I see you. 

A gurl like you: I see you…as you live, love, grow, fall, get back up, stand up, sit down, speak up, shut up, laugh, cry, scream, get out, stay in bed, wonder, ask, zone out, stay silent, go off, regret, appreciate…I see you.




Gurl like you.