The world as we know it is continually changing. Along with the change is the job force. Certain jobs around the country continue to grow in demand, and one of those are the high paying jobs.

Job positions in the business administration, healthcare, education, java development services and accounting professionals are likely to see an increase in job growth and demand for more employees. In the next eight to ten years, some of these fields could see upwards to a 50% increase in job openings.

Why will there be such a demand for some of these positions?

Lindsay Sage, College Admission Expert from OnlineMasters.com says, “There are a number of trends driving employment in these industries. With the rapid innovation of technology, there’s a greater need for highly skilled employees among business administration professionals. In the healthcare industry, we’re seeing an increased need for workers and resources due to the aging population of baby boomers.  Consequently, job candidates with advanced degrees and training will be more valuable to employers.”

Factors of Occupational Change

Many factors drive employment change to fluctuate over the years. The first is changes in the industry itself. Depending on whether the industry growth increases are decreases, jobs within that sector will follow along. An industry that continues to see demand will need employees to fill positions.

Technology drastically affects the workforce. Some technological advances have negatively affected jobs by reducing the amount of physical labor to almost nothing. Production software and machinery, for example, can increase productivity so that fewer employees can do the same amount of work.

When a company restructures or reorganizes the business, chances are there will be either layoffs or hiring. They may find that more upper management is needed to handle day-to-day tasks, or that fewer employees are needed for what is required at work.

Business Administration

Going into a business administrative career is one that is worth the long-term investment. Those with business admin degrees have a median starting salary of $110,000. They are the ones that are more likely to make their way into top management positions.

Getting a Master’s in Business Administration opens up many doors for employment opportunities. They tend to have more job stability and financial gain.


Healthcare is a sector that will always need employees. As the healthcare sector continues to evolve with every passing year, the need for new, different job positions come about.

For example, nurse practitioners are ones that continue to gain more responsibility at the hospital and local clinic. They fill the gap of any healthcare system that sees shortages, especially in rural communities.


We live in a time when education is more important than ever. Having the opportunity to shape young minds and influence the next generation is not a task to take lightly. Although it’s typically agreed upon that teachers deserve more recognition than what they get, by going for your Master’s in Education, it opens up more doors for employment opportunities that have higher pay.

Accounting Professionals

Accounting tends to have a bad reputation when it comes to the enjoyment of working. Many figure accounting to be a boring profession. However, speaking with accounts, they will tell you a different story. They have highly rewarding jobs that pay well and offer lots regarding opportunity and reward.

Getting a Master’s in Accounting not only levels the playing field for these positions, but it also puts you at the front. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities that many are looking for.