Hitched Marketing Co. is a marketing company specializing in helping wedding venues gain more business on autopilot, instead of having to manually land bookings, which can be time-consuming and runs a high risk of being “too little, too late”. Since starting out, Founders Hunter Uptmor and Jarek Rozyskie have gone from serving local wedding venues to those dotted across the world. Their clients can be found up and down the United States, France, and the U.K. – to name a few! And in that time, they’ve accomplished massive feats, such as taking a venue from 5 bookings in 2 years to 20 bookings in 2 months and helping other clients book over 150k worth of weddings in less than 90 days.

How do they do it? 

With proven sales and marketing principles they sweated lots to acquire. You see, their business wasn’t a case of “build it and they’ll come” – it took hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity. As young men, the two Founders, who’d just entered into the world of online marketing, took their newfound skills to the marketplace; in this instance, a local wedding venue. However, despite their best efforts, they couldn’t get their ads to perform as they needed to. 

Puzzling as this was, they decided the best option was to relearn everything. This meant burying their heads in advertising literature and learning from some of the best marketers in the game. Months passed and finally, they were ready to start writing again. It didn’t take long to realize their hard work had paid off when their new ads pulled in hundreds of new leads for the venue. Now, while Hitched Marketing Co. has been on the ascent ever since, they had humble beginnings…

Hunter and Jarek attended the same high school, had the same friends, enjoyed the same sports, and harbored the same hate for mediocrity. This and the want to live free and amazing lives began their foray into business. The Founders have learned a lot while taking Hitched Marketing Co. to where it is today. Below, you’ll find some of their key pointers for growth and efficiency you can use in your own business.

Get Automated

Manual follow-up takes time – time that could be spent where you’re needed most in your business, or being with loved ones. Ideally, you want a hands-off approach, which strikes “following-up” off your to-do list quickly – you see, people (your prospects included) want things done yesterday. If you’re not giving them the instant results they crave, they’ll go elsewhere. When all’s said and done, people will forget you if you’re not following up on time – not what you deserve.

Report The Outcome Of Tours: 

Being able to follow up on previous tours is vital to your success as a wedding venue. This makes them more likely to return and book in with you over your competition. If this is something you’re not already doing, you’re keeping yourself out of the loop when it comes to where your tours are coming from, and which sources are getting you bookings. Also, reporting the outcome of your tours can help you highlight exactly where your marketing is thriving, and where it needs work. This way, you can use your marketing budget in the most effective way for your venue. At the same time, keep tabs on your close rate so you cannot only scale predictably, but improve your sales skills and overall success rate, too.

Qualify Your Prospects

Sadly, tire-kickers are everywhere, and they’re happy to waste your time and money. The longer they’re around, the more time they’re taking from you connecting with serious prospects who want your business. This is why you need a vetting process to fish out serious prospects and get in league with them while weeding out time wasters. This way, you’re only speaking to the best suited – and most keen – potential clients around. 

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