“What if no one is coming to discover your hidden talents, to acknowledge your untapped potential, to heal you, to save you from yourself? What if the savior was always supposed to be you? What if that’s why it hasn’t worked out with anyone else?”

Waiting for someone to come and save you is a mistake because no one will know how to do it better than yourself. Your best savior is you because you can also be your own hero.It’s enough to simply pay attention and take care of yourself when you need it most. Otherwise, unease or discomfort might emerge someday and stay for good.

Stop giving away the main role to those inner voices that don’t let you move forward and anchor you in the comfort zone. Who are your enemies? Everything and everyone who traps you with unease and discomfort and anything or anyone that belittles you. 

Certainly, we need inspiration to show us examples of clear purpose. But I wonder what happens in a world where we each figure out why we do what we do and we can live and work from that place. We might refocus on our own work and the community with which we get that work done. We might learn to define success in our own terms. We might even come up with our own mantra around this.

In doing so, we might go from a culture of find-a-fits-the-mold superhero to a system of heroes- and heroines-next-door. We might create, rather than copy. We might initiate, rather than wait for permission. We might see ourselves as powerful enough. We might not believe that solving many problems around us is someone else’s responsibility.

Heroes are people who can save themselves each and every day with the intention of making their lives fulfilling and provide happiness for those closest to them.