Every year nearly over 84 million drivers hit the road throughout the holiday season. Whether it be to visit family or visiting a new destination, travel is a big part of season.

Unfortunately, more drivers have led to more car accidents on American roads these past few years, according to recent findings.

So what can you do to keep your teen safe?

Young drivers are still getting used to the rules of the road and typically don’t have much experience to help them navigate the heavy holiday traffic. Remind your teen of the following five tips before he…

  1. Never drink and drive

Remind your teens of the severe consequences that come with underage drinking, and underage drinking and driving especially. It can be easy for them to feel pressure from their peers to indulge in drinking of some kind, but it’s important they keep in mind the dangers that can come with it.

  1. Dont smoke weed & drive

Many teenagers believe their motor skills aren’t impaired after smoking weed and it isnt really dangerous. However, that clearly isn’t the case. A study showed that while those who drive with a slight marijuana high can sometimes compensate for their impairments, drivers are at an increased likelihood of a car accident when driving very high.

  1. Pay attention to the speeding limits

Whether driving through a familiar area or heading to a new destination, teenagers on the go can often overlook small details, like the speeding limit in a designated area. Especially at night and in underlit roads, this can be a particularly dangerous mistake. Make sure to remind your teens to always be vigilant of the speeding limits when passing through neighborhoods and highways. Police presence also tends to be higher over the holidays, so staying within the legal speed limits will also avoid unnecessary traffic stupids and potential run-ins with the law.

  1. Stay off your phone at all times

A bigger problem for this generation of drivers more than ever before, cell phone use while driving has lead to a disappointing spike in motor vehicle accidents across the U.S. The leading killer of American youths under 18, distracted driving claims the lives of thousands of teenagers every year.

Stress the importance of staying off the phone to your teens. Parents could even invest in handheld devices that hang on vehicle features to ensure hands-free use even when having to speak with someone. Whatever you can do, minimizing your teens chance of distracted driving ultimately can save their life.

  1. Be alert for drunk drivers on the road

Many teen drivers have yet to master the art of defensive driving. They’re barely getting a hold of being a driver, period. So it’s important to remind them to always be alert when on the road, especially throughout the holiday season.

Advise them to be on the lookout for drivers that may be swerving in their lanes or going exceedingly fast or driving recklessly in any way. They should also always give plenty of distance to the car in front of them, especially in poor weather conditions.


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