With the onset of COVID-19, so many people are experiencing setbacks in various ways. Some people are grieving the loss of loved ones, others have experienced job losses, and for many of us there’s a sense of anxiety and fear of an uncertain future. There are ways to overcome these emotions to live a happy and holistically wealthy lifestyle. In my new book Holistic Wealth: 32 Life lessons to Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness, I’ve basically laid out a framework for overcoming setbacks, tragedy and crisis. Here are some ways we can cope with setbacks in life:

  1. Have a Personal Mission

Cultivating holistic wealth helps us to be mentally tough and to have the grit to weather the inevitable storms and setbacks that life brings. In order to do so its very important to have a personal mission statement. To create an intentionally designed life, its important to get proactive about what matters to you. A clear mission based on your personal, unique values will help provide direction in your life– its like a life plan to move forward with a clear mission and vision in front of you. Think of it this way: If you were a spectator at your own funeral, what would you want your friends and family to remember you for most? What moments would you be most proud of? Your personal mission statement is a powerful way to shape the answers to these questions. In my book Holistic Wealth, I give a number of examples of personal mission statements from various experts, that can serve as a guide to help you to undertake writing your own personal mission statement.

2. Embrace Gratitude Through Spiritual Self-Renewal

Gratitude can help you live a more meaningful, happy life — which we all want to embrace during this period of uncertainty. Spiritual self-renewal is heavily connected to gratitude because it includes taking the time to refresh and renew ourselves though meditation, prayer or even nature walks. How can you help others to enrich their holistic wealth bank accounts? Maybe you can send a positive note to someone who has impacted your life. Or try spending an entire conversation only asking the other person questions about themselves, helping them to feel connected. Today, find one way to give back and carry it out.

3. Set Goals, With Wisdom

In making goals for the future — do so knowing that there will be detours up ahead and plan accordingly. This helps us to plan for any unintended roadblocks up ahead and build this into our goal-setting. This will help to alleviate any significant shocks from unexpected detours we have on the road to achieving our goals. Setbacks will certainly happen — but we can plan for them in order to minimise the stress and fall-out after it happens.

4. Take Measured Risks

When we encounter a life-altering setback we often fear taking risks. However, taking some measured risks are imperative to achieving holistic wealth. Too many people become paralyzed by fear and take no action at all when it comes to living their dreams. In addition, when you confuse real constraints with fake ones, you deplete your holistic wealth bank account. People with a holistic wealth mindset don’t fear taking measured risks. They recognize fake versus real constraints, and they view setbacks as only temporary, and include their life’s mission in their definition of success. Get past your fear by focusing on the outcome you want to achieve — then say yes to your desire to take measured risks toward your goals.

Keisha Blair is the world’s foremost expert on Holistic Wealth and bestselling author of Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness, and the Holistic Wealth Workbook: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness.

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