The novel coronavirus has triggered unprecedented panic and shock – the likes of which haven’t been seen in a long time. When we’re faced with a new virus and illness for which we have no treatment, and diagnostic tools that are in development – it’s a panic situation. I know what it is like to be faced with an illness that most doctors have never seen in their lifetime, that from a biochemical perspective most doctors don’t know how to test for, and where its so new and rare – that it’s origins are still unknown. After my husband died from an extremely rare disease, I developed a framework for handling crisis and panic and overcoming tragedies. In my new book Holistic Wealth: 32 Life Lessons To Help You Find Purpose, Prosperity and Happiness, the Holistic Wealth Method outlines a framework for overcoming crisis. As a former Epidemiologist who also worked on pandemic planning for the SARS outbreak years ago, I have a very good appreciation for the kind of planning and mindset that is needed to move forward in a crisis.

Cultivating holistic wealth helps us to be mentally tough and to have grit to weather the inevitable storms, crisis and setbacks that life brings. We are creatures of habit, and we often operate mindlessly, making the same decisions repeatedly, to our detriment, until we experience a shock to the system. This shock makes us aware of the fact that we need to be more strategic about our daily decisions. This is no mean feat, given that the average person makes over thirty-five thousand decisions every day. If we react to crisis and disruptions fearfully or habitually, or even nonstrategically, then it’s almost impossible to achieve holistic wealth.

The Holistic Wealth Mind-set
A person who approaches life with a holistic wealth mind-set doesn’t fear taking measured risks. The holistic wealth mind-set does not erect fake constraints as barriers to success. People with this mind-set are adept at recognizing fake versus real constraints, and they have mastered the art of recovery from disruption. They don’t compare themselves with others—and they face crisis with dignity and grit. They view setbacks as only temporary—not a permanent constraint.

They embrace a holistic wealth mind-set that comprises not only financial savvy and independence but also elements like a life purpose and mission, spiritual connection, and a generous demeanor—all of which leads to a greater sense of wholeness and resilience in times of difficulty, as well as to happiness and joy. At a basic level, they integrate the aspects of holistic wealth in key aspects of their lives, including their finances, physical health, emotional and spiritual wealth, and wealth in their relationships with others, as well as contributions to humanity.

The Holistic Wealth Method

The holistic wealth mind-set also calls for making decisions based on the Holistic Wealth Method: will this decision be a withdrawal from or a deposit to my holistic wealth bank account? Approaching life with a holistic wealth mind-set means approaching life mindfully and with the realization that each decision and each action represents a withdrawal from or deposit to that holistic wealth bank account. In a crisis such as the Coronavirus pandemic, making fear-based decisions, in a panic situation, especially with regards to our personal finances, can be detrimental to our long-term financial goals.

The Holistic Wealth Method™ can be applied in everyday situations regarding a range of daily decisions – and especially in the midst of a crisis. For example, in assessing if a decision will add to your holistic wealth bank account, think about the vision of your life going forward and what you truly want for yourself. Similarly, in thinking about your current spending habits, daily eating regimen, and the amount of time you spend on social media, examine how these actions add to (or take from) your overall holistic wealth. Holistic wealth is about having an intentionally designed life—so changing your mind-set is key to ensuring you can achieve it.  How we respond to crisis and the decisions we make can have longer-term consequences for generations to come.

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