Decorating your home can play a key role in how well you are. It can reduce stress, clutter and add a vibrancy of health to you. We look at tips that one could employ to make their home not only aesthetic appealing but also good for their mental health.

  • Avoid  room consumerist mentality 

Reduce clutter by packing things such as books, artwork on storage furniture.

If you have a few cupboards and drawers, then that’s good. It’s even better if your sofas that have storage compartments.

With less clutter, you achieve a clean look and you do so with minimal cleanup efforts too.

Keep your seating and storage furniture close to the walls. That way, you create the illusion of space and you ensure that your home looks larger than normal.

  • Add an organic sense

Not only do they add verdant pop to your design scheme but, plants eliminate toxins from indoor spaces thus oxygenating your home.

Pick deep natural colors. Those tend to mesh well with the average white walls and tile flooring. Avoid colors that irritate your eyes.

Get fresh flowers, you can get the most beautiful flowers but make sure you don’t use excessively. 

  • Lighting

LED lights are recommended since they are bright and excellent in energy saving hence there is no struggle with power bills.

If the home is situated in places it can receive sunlight then well and good. You can install blinders where necessary so while you want light you don’t want to turn your home into an oven in the process.

  • Rest Best

Keep the room at a cool yet comfy temperature.

Lower thread counts of sheets can let more air through, which may keep you from getting hot and stuffy in the middle of the night.

Place a scented candle or diffuser next to your bed or by the front door for good memories, pine can transport you to the cozy holidays, while coconut can bring you back to that calm feeling of your last vacation.

You can add a quiet ceiling fan in your bedroom which provides good air circulation and hence a peaceful night sleep. You can actually look for one of these best purifier under $100.

  • Bring out Photos

Consider smart arrangements and accessible storage when working with photos.

Store photos in a way that draws you to them, for example albums, storing them in attractive containers or even organized boxes.

  • Soothing Sounds

Hands down winner of calming sound is running water. The sound must be kinetic sound of flowing water in its natural state not drumbeats of dripping.

When you need few moments of peace close your eyes and let your mind float for a few precious moments.