Your home is your sanctuary. No doubt about it. Naturally, most of your time is spent at home. Why not make it a place of Zen for yourself? When done right, your home can get you to spend more time in it. All it takes is thoughtful decor with intelligently done interiors that bring feeling of a sanctuary right to your home.

Naturally, you don’t want any boundaries in your home. You’d rather do whatever you want, anytime you want in it. This is just what you can get when things are done right in your home. Creating a place of Zen takes many parts of your home designed perfectly. From the color of paint to furniture and everything in between, all needs to be done just right.

Here’s our guide that will help you crate a true place of Zen right in the comforts of your home:

Calm the Colors Down

A sanctuary is peaceful and calm. You want to start converting your home into a place of Zen by getting the right colors in it. Darker color tones that also look natural play the role best. Lighter colors tend to be exciting and not calming in the best way.

Use of natural wood shades in your interiors wherever you can, will be a good start. If you are going for one room making it the sanctuary, all wood designs will help along nicely. Ceiling of that room, floors, furniture and all the art pieces can create a feeling of Zen when used in woods.

This also includes all the lighting. In such darker natural colored rooms, you are always best with dim pale light. Yellow light tends to brighten up wood materials in a warm tone. This creates a natural feeling and calms your senses down.

Brighten Up All Your Senses

Your senses are what make your feel calm. When creating a place of Zen, tending to your senses is the most important part of the job. Your sense of vision has already been tended to by choosing the right colors and materials. Next, you want your sense of smell to feel great and get a feeling of a sanctuary.

Here again, natural smells with make you feel relaxed more than any others. Candles that glow lightly and produce natural smells of fruits or forests suit best. Get your candles from a good brand and have them lighted up whenever you are home.

This will produce a nice ambiance with some very calming scent at all times as well. Forest like smelling candles are available easily or you can go with a particular fruit. Whichever you prefer, a nice calm feel should follow.

Bring a Feeling of Openness

A place of Zen or a sanctuary is never too tight or cramped. Ideally, you should convert only the largest rooms in your hose to a place of peace and calm. Also, try and make them feel as opened as you possibly can without cramping too much in them.

Have as far apart placed furniture items and other things in that room as you possibly can. Also, if you are going with a living room for this purpose of calm and peace, have clear windows. Plexiglass Sheets can provide as clear windows as you want with no risk of injury as well.

This feeling of openness is very important for any sanctuary that you are trying to build. Daylight will come in the room opening up the view and making everything look great. Also, if you have a nice garden backyard, you are in the gold standard of Zen in that living room.

Say No to Clutter

Clutter can always be the worst enemy of a calming place of Zen. No matter how hard you work on it, things thrown here and there can always destroy the purpose. You need to clear all clutter in all parts of your home in order to get that feel of a sanctuary.

Have closets for your clothes, have proper baskets for all rubbish and also organize your tables and cabinets nicely. Make seating arrangements wherever you can in a home that you want to be your calm. Organize everything nicely creating a feeling of likeness about it.

Also, be sure to have things placed as far apart as possible. Even organized things can take shape of clutter when you have too many of them. Over filled rooms and homes never get to be a place of Zen for anyone.

Go with Naturals Wherever You Can

Natural materials are the best when it comes to creating a place of peace. These take you closer to nature calming down your senses. Wood materials, natural fabrics and more have an acute sense of smell as well that shines your inner tranquility best as well.

Have a fish tank on the main wall of your Zen room as well. Natural flowing fountains in the garden right next to your clear plexiglass windows can be a kicker as well. Basically, you want to feel natural in your home calming down when you are in it.

Candles are good for the night times as well. Place as many as you can without any risk of fire. Fireplace with a fire-proof glass can be a good option as well. Go with naturals to create a natural sanctuary for yourself to calm in whenever you need.

Plants, Plants and More Plants

Since we are on the subject of all naturals, what can be more natural than green plants! We are talking about real natural green plants not artificial ones. Add lush greenery to your indoors wherever you can find place for it.

Place planters in the window shelves or on your tables and cabinets. Get large tall green plants for your room of calm. Grow a wall garden in the kitchen or get a pre-made one from a decent seller. All these can brighten up your mood and boost that feeling of sanctuary.

Green plants produce oxygen. You feel natural and fresh whenever in a room with plants in it. Having as many as possible in your home will always bring about that feeling of peace and calm. Mix them up in sizes as well and also in styles and designs for the best aesthetic too.

Love Your Feet, Make Them Feel Soft

We humans love to walk on soft surfaces. With all that stone, marble, tile or even wooden flooring going on, that feeling never gets its chance to settle. Your feet are very important in making you feel at peace and comfortable.

Make your floorings as soft as you possibly can. Leather flooring essentials can be just what you need. Or go with soft floor pieces that will make you want to walk on it bare footed. Softer the better for your feet. Be ready to spend a bit of time and effort in creating a soft mushy floor as well.

These are all best working techniques naturally connected to a place of peace and Zen. Natural sanctuaries have grassy floors. You can make do with a soft one that amplifies the feeling and brings about best results for you at all times.