Honesty, love and kindness are my three main values. Being accountable for taking honest and loving action towards yourself and others is crucial for a beautiful life. All of them compliment each other so brilliantly, that a world without them would be a world destine to collapse.

Lying, lying to others, lying to yourself, all of these actions are pointless. The truth has this funny characteristic where it always finds a way to get where it needs to go. So honour yourself and those around you by staying in line with your truth, to make it’s journey easier.

Lying directly prohibits these three important values. If we cannot be truthful with ourselves, our friends, our family or anyone, then how can you truly express your true self. If you can’t own what you do, think or feel and you blame others, society, the world and life in general for your problems and struggles, you will be handing your life over to those things. You have the power to change your life and it starts with being honest to yourself, practicing self love and taking accountability for you actions.

Accountability plays a huge part in gaining and maintaining trust, being honest with yourself and it stops you from creating a false reality that doesn’t serve you. If you do something you may not be proud of, it isn’t the end of the world, but not facing that act, owning up to it or acknowledging it can send you down a dangerous path of regret and internal suffering.

What you’ve done or said doesn’t define you, it’s what you do about it that truly matters. Messing up isn’t bad, it’s what we do, it’s how we grow, after all we’re human, we make mistakes, but learning from them is what life’s about. If anything you should embrace or celebrate your “losses” because from them often arise your greatest victories. A saying my dad often uses is F.A.I.L.ing means First Attempt In Learning, so don’t stay down, use the setback and turn it around.

Everything in our lives happens for a reason, so treat every moment like a gift and find what it’s trying to teach or tell you. There are no good or bad situations, just situations and it’s how we perceive and experience those situations that shape our lives, so shape a life you want to live.You cannot control others reactions, so there is no point worrying or trying. Don’t try and understand others because most of the time we struggle to understand ourselves, so think how hard or virtually impossible understanding others is.

Trust is the basis of stable relationships and is what the world is built on. If trust is broken or lost regaining it can sometimes be an impossible task. Trust comes from being you.If you can take accountability for your actions, words, feelings and speak with honesty people will trust you, because if you have the courage to speak up when you do something wrong, stand your ground and accept the consequences.

This way of living promotes exponential growth. No one is perfect, perfection is an impossible goal, but everyone can be better, so learn how you want to be better, not how others want you to be “better”.

Making the world a better place can be seen as an impossible task, but if everyone focused on being a better version of themselves, suddenly that task doesn’t seem so impossible. By simply being honest, loving and kind not just to others, but to ourselves we could raise the welfare of the planet one happy person at a time.

Mastering yourself gives you the ability to infinitely touch others hearts and touching a heart is the greatest gift you can receive or give.

“Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” -Tony Robbins