In this post, I share a special meditation on hope.

  • Hope for each one of us as we surge forward, our lives ultimately changed and that we may embrace what change can be for the better, to lead us deeper into our selves and to the oneness of our beautiful nature as love in action.
  • Hope that as you experience this prose meditation; and as you settle into a comfortable posture, you allow yourself to be guided by my words as you notice what impressions and insights arise for you.

Our lives are always meant to be of grace; of wonder; and of the most privilege, because this is our inherent state.

As much change as we are all experiencing right now, and during this time of a global pandemic; this meditation reminds us that hope needs to be present for the deliberate teachings of our heart; stirring within us, and rising up; and that we must be the deliberate messages of hope that we honour for our new lives; and for our lives always.

Breathe in new life, new choices, new reasons for choosing to live in harmony with each other and the planet.  It is always possible to find peace; to choose what will sustain us.” – Dorothy Ratusny

love dorothy

Dorothy is a Registered Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher, and Host of The WISDOM podcast. She works with clients in-person and via video and phone sessions. For more, please visit

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