I recently took a really, really deep breath. I am certain I am not alone in the deep breath crowd. The holidays are fun, but wow, they nearly kill me every year.

I hesitate to say that out loud because I never want my children to think I hate the holidays or that they themselves are the cause of my stress. They aren’t. It’s just life. Personally, I have two birthdays which need celebrating right around Thanksgiving and then one more three days after Christmas. (I was never much of a planner) My birthday is between all of those. Needless to say mine often takes a back burner and that’s fine with me.

From Stress to Sleep

Anyone who knows me well knows to step aside in November and December. Just watch the chaos unfold and hope I return to the regular scheduled programming come the new year. For two months I turn into an unrecognizable form of myself who worries her heart may explode any moment from the constant “to do” list. Sleep is only a day dream for those two months, which only adds to the sudden new and unimproved me.

And then just like that…I sleep like a rock on New Year’s day. I slept 9 hours straight and then felt a nap would also be helpful a few hours later. The stress vanishes and I look forward to months and months of no major celebrations, over zealous food planning, or gift buying.

Hope in The New Year

This New Year’s day had a special feeling didn’t it? I felt an excitement and hope I don’t usually feel on January 1st. I have no new exercise plan, no resolutions…just hope. There is a sense of bonding in the way we all made it through a really crappy year together. We helped each other along with funny Facebook memes and shared opinions. We reached out and made phone calls to old friends and new ones because we couldn’t get together. We learned to cherish even the smallest gathering of friends and family. Here is a short list of my takeaway from 2020. Maybe you can relate:

  1. I hope I look better than my Zoom image.
  2. I’ll never again complain in a crowded bar.
  3. I can drink a lot of Jack and Coke.
  4. I gained weight from Jack and Coke.
  5. I don’t actually need my hair done that often.
  6. I don’t remember January or February 2020.
  7. Toilet paper makes me smile.
  8. Extroverts cannot become introverts no matter how we try.
  9. Thought I’d save a ton of money by doing my part and not going into stores.
  10. Amazon proved that statement incorrect.

We all knew the pandemic issue wouldn’t end at the stroke of midnight on January 1st, although we hoped by some miracle it might. Still, the new year gives us hope that at some point life will feel “normal” again.

My goal is to not take for granted all of the things I have missed, assuming they return soon. I no longer care if I have front row seats at every concert…I just want to hear the music and enjoy it with someone. I don’t care if we eat steak or burgers, as long as I am enjoying time with people I care about. We turned living rooms and barns into dance floors since the bars were closed, and I am happy to continue that

As much as 2020 sucked, I grew a lot…a little in the waistline but also in my understanding of myself and what I need. I worked my butt off and forged the career I wanted. The extra time at home was a good thing for that. I learned to say “no” more and understand people will still love me. If not, they aren’t my people. I learned that leggings allow more room for eating, but I do miss dressing up.

So here’s to 2021…

May your feet hurt from dancing

May your toilet paper supply runneth over

May you have to wait an hour for a table at your favorite restaurant

May you appreciate your extra Covid pounds and be thankful you’re here

And when the masks come off…I can’t wait to see your smiling faces 🙂

A Snapshot of my 2020…