Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul  –

and sings the tune without the words –

and never stops – at all.

— Emily Dickinson
Red bird
Photo credit: Unsplash

Being grateful is my way of keeping the hope alive. It’s my way of saying my prayers. 
I am grateful to be able to eat the icing on the cookies in the cookie jar in the kitchen before eating the cookies.
I am grateful to be able to enjoy a hot shower, enjoy the smell of shampoo when I am washing my hair, using fresh clean warm towels right out of the dryer.
I am grateful for “now” of life. Like the dresses in my wardrobe, I have to wear and enjoy them now, or they will be outdated. Enjoy this moment, now, just look forward.
I am grateful for all the people who are in my life, with the awareness that people are not always perfect but sometimes, their imperfections make them the perfect people they are.
I am grateful for my mistakes, knowing  I am allowed to make mistakes. So that once I learned my lesson, I can successfully make my transition from one phase of my life to another with ease.
I am grateful for the last movie I watched, I am grateful for my eyesight.
I am grateful to be able to talk to a friend on the phone, enjoy our talk, enjoy a good laugh.
I am grateful to enjoy the food I eat and my cup of tea.
I am grateful to enjoy taking a ride in the car, and the very fact that I have a car, and especially that I am able to drive
I am grateful for the fact that I can walk, opposed to how fast I can walk, or how far.
I am grateful to be able to enjoy the process of whatever I am doing and quit worrying about the destination.
I am grateful for all sorts of noises all around me; at least I am alive and I can hear.
I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful when some one close to my heart unexpectedly calls.
I am grateful to be able to enjoy looking at the falling leaves or the blooming flowers.
I am grateful for waking up in the morning, not rushing through life,  “or I will run out of life.”
I am grateful for… and being grateful is my way of keeping the hope alive. It’s my way of saying my prayers. 


  • Mahvash Mossaed is an award-winning filmmaker, published author, gallery owner, and internationally exhibited artist.
    Based in California. Works exhibited in Europe, Asia, Africa, and extensively in the United States · Latest Exhibition at American Visionary Art Museum in Maryland · Featured inside and on the covers of over 45 books · Works collected by Bijan & Steven Spielberg · Featured on NBC News · Award-Winning Filmmaker at the New York Independent Film & Video Festival (Best Cultural Documentary & Best Director) · Published Poet (My Painted Dreams & A Woman Defined)