Do you ever find yourself getting caught up over the meaning and use of words. Just like our thoughts, we choose carefully to be sending out the message we truly mean to send.

This week, as my partner of 18 years and I repeatedly dealt with a very challenging household dilemma, I listened carefully to his words and he always spoke in terms of ‘hope’. The word hope, sounds tentative and uncertain, like we are hanging off a ledge and barely holding on but we might fall.

I know I’m overthinking it some days, but I tend to think in terms of trust and faith. This WILL go well or THIS will be the answer we need. Not in terms of ‘I HOPE we have found it.’

The words TRUST and FAITH tell me we’re going to make it up over that ledge no matter what. We are scaling that peak and about to cross over. Trust and Faith …

As I started to research the individual words I learned that in the noun definition of ‘Hope’ the dictionary uses the word ‘expectation.’

So, we still might fall off the ledge right? hope: a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. And even as a verb, it sounds, hopeful: ‘To want something to happen or be the case.’

The definition of trust, however, includes this: ‘firm belief’ in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. And faith comes in close: ‘complete trust or confidence in someone or something.’

You can see where I struggle to use a word that expresses a degree of uncertainly. How can I manifest my most positive thoughts unless and I ‘see’ the end result as the one I’m working toward.

As a practitioner of the written word, I would love to hear your viewpoint on these wonderful words we have to choose from. Please feel free to comment and share.