Being a performer has its perks–you get to do what you love in new places and with new people, bringing joy and excitement to audiences as they follow your every move, share your emotions, and even listen to every note. However, staying under the spotlight for too long can put too much pressure on a person, causing them to be stressed and eventually burn out. 

Canadian-based performer Emilie Kirchgesner knows the feeling especially since she is deeply committed to dancing, singing, acting, and even teaching others about her craft. 

So how does she avoid stress and burning out? 

Her Secret? Self-Care Days 

“I avoid stress and burnout by doing self-care days; taking time to meditate, workout, and relax. I think taking care of mental health is so important especially when under stress,” Emilie said. 

But when things get a little too overwhelming for her, the young performer also communicates with others to reach out for advice.  

“Lately, when I feel stressed, I take little breaks from social media to enjoy life. Having family and friends around me to help me get through it!” she said. 

At 20-years-old, Emilie maintains a positive attitude and outlook towards life. This also serves as her mindset when it comes to dealing with obstacles along her way. 

“I overcome obstacles by knowing something bright will be at the end. Things get hard in life but things do get better–everything happens for a reason. I believe that getting through obstacles help you grow [and] help you find your true self!” she said. 

Who is Emilie? 

Emilie has been dancing, singing, and acting since the age of 3. She grew up dancing competitively in every style and trained in several musical theatre intensives in New York and Los Angeles. She has been fortunate to train under numerous Broadway actors and choreographers.  

She was very involved in the arts in high school while completing her advanced tap and advanced 1 ballet exams. After high school, Emilie moved to Toronto to attend Randolph Academy and was able to perform at Canada’s Wonderland for two seasons. 

Her passion for dance has landed her several roles in music videos, acting commercials, guest workshops, fashion shoots, and an agency signing. She has also developed her own merchandise ( and continues to collaborate with other artists, musicians, dancers, and choreographers on numerous projects.

Emilie continues to push the boundaries of her choreography, and at 20-years-old, she sees endless possibilities for her dance and performance.

She wants to instill her passion and love of dance and movement in students and hopes that they see the joy and excitement that dancing brings her. She has taught and/or assisted at many different drop-in, competitive, and recreational studios.

The young performer loves the challenge that teaching presents to her and the experience of teaching dancers of all ages, and all walks of life. 
Get to know more about Emilie through her Instagram account (@emiliekirchgesner).