Burning out is common. Being fed up with a job, losing your passion in something, or simply working yourself into the ground can lead to mental and sometimes even physical issues as a result. Everyone goes through a period like this in their lives, but some have more dire circumstances than others. For Luc Longmire, burning out and losing his drive to succeed was simply not an option, even during the most trying times.

After running into trouble with drugs and the law, Longmire made a promise to himself to turn his life around for good and make something of himself. Given that he was already on the outside looking in, he knew he had to put in max effort each and every day if he wanted to make any progress on his goals. To top it off, many of his closest friends and family members wrote him off due to his troubled past. With very little support and no room for error, Luc set off on his journey to find more for himself. 

Starting at an entry level retail position, Luc worked his way up to becoming a manager for a few years while he figured out what his next steps would be. After discovering the foreign exchange markets and network marketing, he made the transition to working for himself full time. The transition from being a recovering drug addict to having a full time manager position may seem cut and dry, but the mental toughness Longmire needed to possess during this time was incredible. He found motivation in the times where he had the strongest opposition and had friends and peers picking fun at him. Take it from Luc, no situation is insurmountable. With the right work ethic and a strong mindset, good can come out of just about anything. 

Today, Luc is in a position financially and mentally where he can shift focus away from himself and give back to others through coaching and public speaking. He travels the world impacting people by the thousands, and he says that this is the most fulfilling work he has ever done. He has all the reason in the world to focus on himself due to his rough past, but he wants to ensure that nobody he interacts with ever has to go through what he had to go through in his career to become successful. 

To anyone looking to overcome a rough period in their life, use Luc Longmire as inspiration to know that you will make it through and become an even stronger, more well rounded individual on the other side of it all.