Growing up, Christoph Filgertshofer was always inspired by his fathers’ entrepreneurial spirit and all of the stories he had to share with him about the journey.  Each day, his dad would share with him how he never got bored, as each day brought about a new challenge and a new problem to solve to help further his business. Since his dad was such a positive influence on him at such a young age, it only made sense that Christoph had aspirations of following in his father’s footsteps. 

After buying and flipping Pokemon cards and running a newspaper service at just 14 years old to afford himself his very own iPod, Christoph was drawn in by how a little bit of hard work and ingenuity could generate him enough money to buy the hottest piece of tech on the market. Soon, his business and hustle evolved into a gaming YouTube channel, as he saw an opportunity to monetize his passion for playing video games.

This venture was not as easy of a journey, however. Christoph soon realized that it was a lot harder to monetize a YouTube channel than he originally thought, as it took him time to gain even one subscriber. In this instance, it could have been very easy for him to burn out and give in as a result of seeing no return on his efforts. Growing up, he saw how successful his dad was and saw his initial businesses thrive, so why was this not generating him a return?

In the age of instant gratification especially, it would have been understood if he decided to pack up and move on and move to the next venture. However, Christoph’s determination and mental fortitude would not allow him to give in. He found that although his initial efforts only generated him a few subscribers, he soon saw hockey stick growth. The more videos he uploaded, the more viewers he began to accumulate. Before long, he had a channel with over 200,000 subscribers and started generating himself a steady income. 

Similar to giving up when the times were hard, it would have been easy for him to get complacent when he started to see consistent results with his uploading. Going back to his incredible mindset, Christoph still was not satisfied. He pivoted his focus to selling online through eCommerce, and began putting in work to help his online store gain traction. 

Once again, his initial store was a failure. This time, his shortcomings cost him his initial investment along with his time. But yet again, Christoph was more determined than ever to master the craft and find success. Soon enough, his store began seeing huge success, and it changed his life forever as a result. Today, Christoph still does very well with ecommerce, but devotes a lot of his time to helping others find success with their own online stores.

Christoph Filgertshofer’s mindset is what has led him to his current success. If you are ever feeling like giving in or are experiencing burnout, use Christoph’s story for inspiration. Your mental toughness and perseverance will pay off, and in a huge way!