Research shows that unemployment is a leading cause of mental health problems among not just young people but everyone.

Let’s take it one step further, how about hopelessness.

  • I don’t have a Job
  • I have never had a Job,
  • I’ve been a graduate for 5 years and have no career prospects,
  • I have been on 205 interviews and never had a callback
  • I have a business idea but no funding,
  • The government has abandoned me,

If even one of these statements is true for you. It’s depressing enough, but imagine all being true added to growing up in a third-world country.

Now imagine, there are millions of people in the same situations and thousands joining you each year. More often than not, this creates a feeling of hopelessness among many young people.

But this is the kicker, there are actually opportunities, as the world becomes more and more connected, and the massive technology boom created by the new normal. The world has never been more connected.

Over the next decade, a new generation will enter the workforce. This is a generation that has been shaped by lifelong mobile connectivity, large-scale institutional shifts, and widespread refugee migration.

Their future is filled with unbridled opportunities. Now more than ever, access to career-advancing opportunities is vital to reducing poverty, ensuring political stability, promoting sustainable development, enabling social participation, and improving the mental health of millions of young people.

Opportunities aren’t the problem. Access is.

OneCareerApp is an opportunity discovery platform for early career professionals across the globe. This platform is designed to provide access to information to those who need it most. Get Notifications on favorite opportunities, scholarships, job information, training courses, career resources, and travel Information.

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