Niko Gunn grew up in Lakewood, California. Niko grew up watching the original Spider-Man movies. Those movies inspired him to pursue acting and work towards becoming a movie star.

Since 2016, Niko has been an aspiring supermodel. He started out taking photos on his iPhone and then shortly after upgraded to better camera. Things became a lot more serious for him after that. Niko learned that in order to really accomplish your goals, you have to branch out and learn a lot more than what is required.

Along the way, Niko has also learned that when striving to achieve your goals, many people will come your way trying to bring you down or inspire negativity. However, by surrounding yourself with people who truly care about you, Niko believes that positivity truly overpowers negativity. He also understands that untethered determination is pivotal in order to accomplish something great in life.

With respect and the right attitude, Niko never hesitated to take on the numerous tasks required to become a model & actor in the entertainment industry. He also firmly believes that being genuine and honest in this space is the only way he wants to pursue this career. Many times, he has encountered how unruly or harsh the entertainment industry can be but he promises himself to never change his core principles, even if that means getting the right part.

Being diligent and patient through his work, Niko plans to work on projects that inspire him and also present a powerful message. Acting in projects like “Now Is Your Time” and “I’m Not Dead Yet” Niko plans to only work on projects that truly mean a lot to him. Even in the face of adversity, Niko Gunn dares to dream and overcome obstacles everyday.

Instagram: @nk3_venom