The entertainment industry is not a place for the lighthearted, but that never stopped Amar Ganger from pursuing his dream of becoming an actor. In today’s day and age, versatility is a crucial skillset to have in a world that’s ever changing. To be able to adapt and specialize in variety of skills instead of just one area is a highly valued skillset today.

Amar Ganger was born and raised in small town Selma, California. Throughout his childhood, he was always into sports and played football, basketball, and baseball. However, after high school, he knew that his career path was going to be something more than just sports. In college, Amar was contacted by a modeling and acting agency. After that, his direction in life changed entirely and he officially decided to pursue acting and modeling full time.

Before Amar was born, his parents moved from India to the United States. By growing up in a small community, he always felt that big dreams just never seemed possible. As a result of dreaming too big, he lost contact with some family and friends because of his relentless passion. Moreover, he wants to take care of his family and parents, but most importantly he wants to be able to prove that growing up in a small town does not mean you can’t do big things.

Amar’s biggest motivation is his mom and dad; they are his “why.” Struggle and hardship is a big one for Amar as he does not want to go through the same struggles he saw his parents go through. He does not come from money but he noticed how his parents were always able to manage and provide.

Amar dreams of a day when his acting career and YouTube channels will take off. He also wants to build a fanbase through his YouTube subscribers so that his journey can be broadcasted for the world to see. Besides becoming an influencer, Amar has acted in various television show roles. Although some parts are small, he still treats every opportunity with relentless effort, passion, and care; like a true actor.

Amar has something that most people don’t: versatility. By being consistent, patient, and the hardest worker in the room it’s only a matter of time before the name Amar Ganger becomes a household name.

Instagram: @amarganger89