In our current climate, phone usage has become a top priority. Used mostly as an outlet for wasting time, the average American spends over 5 hours a day in front of a screen. Whatever the cause, most humans are subject to surfing social media daily. As a result of this, social platforms have scrutinized their suspected impact on mental health, stress, and anxiety.

Adam Meskouri and Marko Danial are both frequent users of social media platforms. In fact, they both utilize it as a business tool. The two friends amass a network of over 5 million followers with their niche pages related to comedy, sports, and technology. Both friends understand the impact that social media can have on stress and anxiety, leading to the creation of their news organization, Genfluencer.

As opposed to highlighting the downsides of internet usage, Genfluencer is dedicated to showcasing the positive culture that stems from online platforms and technology. Whether it be sharing the inspirational story of a content creator, covering unique ways that the internet has been used in the modern world, or covering recent technological advancements, Genfluencer hopes to spotlight positive influences from within the digital realm.

Genfluencer also puts a focus on showcasing social media entrepreneurs. Their content highlights how society (specifically Gen Z) utilizes online platforms such as Instagram and Tiktok to build brands. The organization hopes to fight against the idea that social media is a primarily negative environment. Both friends agree that while social media can have negative impacts, it’s essential to highlight the positive sides of digital platforms.

Meskouri states, “believe it or not, the internet has led to some pretty cool advancements in the way we perceive society. While the majority of non-users focus on the negatives, it’s important that we highlight the upside to being on online social platforms. Our organization primarily publishes pieces about good things that have come from the internet. It partially works as a destresser, since positive news can be quite refreshing during times like these.”

Adam Meskouri is a highschool senior with a passion for working online. Across his plethora of  Instagram niche pages (Generally in the realm of sports and technology), he amasses over 2 million followers. Meskouri notes that social media gives him a voice to share his interests and opinions with the world, saying, “this platform isn’t one that I take for granted. I’m extremely thankful that I’m able to make millions of people happy through my videos.”

Marko Danial, also known as Pharaoic, is a sophomore in college with a passion for social media and sports. In an effort to broadcast his love for games like basketball and football, he created Spzrts. While he studies engineering, he hopes to develop new products that can help athletes capitalize on their talent. Spzrts is a unique representation of all of Danial’s hard work and dedication to social media.

Danial uses Genfluencer as an outlet for his engineering prowess and his passion for social media. Specifically, he frequently publishes opinion columns on artificial intelligence, a concept that combines his two hobbies. He states, “social media shouldn’t really be about who has more likes or followers. It should be about connecting with people, sharing ideas, and expressing ourselves. Regardless of your interests, social media has the power to connect you with someone with the same mindset. We need to be focusing on the possibility, as opposed to getting hung up on the negative.”

Genfluencer’s official mission statement is, “The digital world is growing remarkably fast, and Genfluencer is here to keep you up to date with the latest young influencers, entrepreneurs, and trends in the making.”