Adrianne White’s drive for success is unlike any other. While she’s always seeking to improve and move her career forward, she’s also driven by a much higher purpose. She spent 3 years traveling abroad working on international issues like environmental protection and social justice issues, and she now uses her career in the entertainment industry to gain a larger platform to spread awareness on these issues. 

Adrianne is most known for her role in the award winning feature film “Prodigy”, but the list of companies she’s collaborated with is just as impressive. She’s worked with, to name a few, Victoria’s Secret, True Religion, Volcom, Ed Hardy and Joe Boxer starring in commercials and modeling their apparel. On top of her work in the entertainment industry, she’s also working on her debut album as a singer-songwriter. 

With her main inspiration being for a greater purpose, there was a point where Adrianne was driven by something much different. She used to work hard because of feelings of inadequacy that were deep rooted from her childhood, as she constantly felt a strong need to gain outside approval. Adrianne met someone that helped her love herself and realize that she doesn’t need anyone else’s approval, and everything quickly changed for her. She set her sights on her passion for creativity and her deep desire to make a change in the world, and she hasn’t looked back since. 

Adrianne says her father inspired her to pursue entrepreneurship, and his Type A personality and relentless work ethic gave her the strong work ethic she has today. Her father has also given her the inspiration to overcome challenges in her career and become better as a result. Adrianne says she’s become familiar with both success and setbacks, and it’s made her stronger as a result. 

Her career started off strong when she was younger, and she’s had to overcome countless setbacks since. Learning how to put her ego to the side and overcome these obstacles have shaped her into the person she is today, and Adrianne knows that she’s just getting started on her path of success and spreading awareness on important issues present in the world today.