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How Artificial Intelligence is changing our life and career? It’s hard to talk about future of work without talking about AI.

Experts say that AI can replace nearly 40% of the jobs within 15 years. However, AI will also help us work more effectively and create new opportunities for our career. With Artificial Intelligence on the verge of transforming the job market and economy, it’s time for us to be prepared for the future.

On today’s episode of The Stephanie Show, I spoke to Roger Vandomme about the kind of changes AI will inspire in the world.

Roger Vandomme is the Chief Data Scientist and Principal at SMC. He is a bilingual senior executive and data scientist with over 20+ years of experience. Roger’s career has been built on the fundamentals of data analysis, predictive modeling and related decision-making.

In this episode, you will learn :

– What’s the scope of Data Scientist and the difference between” Data Analyst”, ” Data Architect” and ” Data engineer”

– Decision-making process using data and common mistakes in decision-making

– The 3 emerging technologies that will change the world

– Pay-Per-Use model vs. Subscription economy

– The impact of continuing education

– Roger’s secret tips for managing stress

– Plus much more…

Books mentioned in this episode:

Thinking, fast and slow, by Daniel Kahneman

Predictably Irrational, by Dan Ariely

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