Chasing your dreams is great, but being able to withstand the rough patches and struggles will really determine if you become successful in doing so or not. For couple Domi and Frida, their working together on their shared passion of travel and learning new cultures certainly went a long way towards helping them withstand the shortcomings and become successful without burning out. 

Not only are they both incredibly passionate about travel and exploring the world, they are able to work together perfectly as a team to create content and come up with new ideas for travel. They first got together in high school, and have grown together as a couple through their experiences with traveling. Even after high school when they both got full time jobs, their passion for travel allowed them to do so in the busiest moments. 

They had no intentions initially of monetizing their experiences, and started an Instagram page simply to keep their family and friends in the loop while they explored the world. But within only a few years, they had a large enough following to really be able to monetize it and support themselves full time.

It was a struggle initially to find ways to strike partnership deals with brands and hotels, but their intense passion for travel wouldn’t let them give in to failure no matter how long it took. Domi and Frida both admit that nothing is created overnight, and behind any successful person is a long history of hard work and effort. Their initial shortcomings only allowed them to grow as entrepreneurs and become stronger willed and more knowledgeable. In a time where anyone in a venture for the money would give in, they continued to work hard and their passion didn’t dwindle even once. 

From the beginning, Domi and Frida had the full support of their friends and family. Even though it seemed unconventional to attempt to make a living off of a travel social media page, everyone close to them saw how apparent their passion was for traveling and backed them all the way. They both say that a large part of their inspiration for creating content was from their competition. Rather than look at other people in the space as competition, they used their knowledge and skills to find content ideas, learn how to become better photographers, and make videos for various platforms. Through it all, Domi and Frida have let their intense passion for traveling and exploring various cultures around the world keep their hopes high and their ambitions strong as they’ve successfully monetized what they love the most.